Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Blackthorne--Scene 77

image of Colt .38 from 


Cinemagenic Seventy-Seven


“No one can challenge me better than
myself.”-- Troy Polamalu.

1(sound cue) piano and harmonica
2(two-shot) over Buck’s shoulder--Bronson:
What about him?
Buck: I figure you made your point real clear
the other day--and I also figure you really do not
need this horse. I do, and I‘m willing to buy him
from you; straight up business.
3(medium wide shot) Bronson turned to his
younger brother: So what do you say? The horse
is yours. Do you want to sell him to Mr. Buck?
4(close-up) Paul, his face turning red, his jaw set:
Are you putting this on me?
5(two-shot) Bronson: Like I said, it’s your horse,
kid--so you decide.
6(close-up) Buck, silent, his face composed.
7(medium close-up) Paul, his eyes darting back
and forth, then blurting out: I wouldn’t give that
injun-loving ragtail cocksucker the sweat of my
nuts if he was dying of thirst.
8(sound cue) a burst of laughter from the crowd
over banjo riff--then an awkward silence.
9(two-shot) Bronson: He doesn’t want a gift,
Pauly--he wants to pay for it.
10(medium wide shot) Paul jumped down from
the fence; his boots made a loud thud. Everyone
was quiet, waiting for him to speak. He spit into
the dust, uncomfortable.
11(medium close-up) Paul: Fuck it! Do what you
want. I don’t give a shit one way or the other.
12(wide shot) Paul tramped off toward his
sanctuary--the CHINA DOLL. 
13(sound cue) six-string chord slide & snare drum.
14(overhead drone shot) Paul walking away from
the corral--the wranglers milling & jawing.
15(three-shot) Bronson: Apparently, the horse
is just not for sale.
Buck nodded. 
Johnny Eagle chuckled and asked: So,
is that the final say?
Bronson: For now.
16(wide shot) Buck strode off in long steps
toward MATEO’S CANTINA, across the street.
Johnny swung in behind him. They were in the 
middle of the street when Thor’s deep voice 
halted them.
17(sound cue) trumpet and kettle drum.
18(medium close up) Thor: Hey, assholes!
19(two-shot) They turned slowly.
20(wide-shot/reverse--high angle crane shot)
Buck and the Eagle with backs to the camera,,
Bronson leaning against the fence, his arms
folded in quiet authority. Thor stood off from
the others, his right hand gloveless over his
.38; claws out, ready to tear flesh, to spill blood.
21(medium close up) Thor: Did you really think
that’s all there is to it?
22(close up) Buck: To what?
23(medium close-up) Thor: You ride in here 
pretty as you please, and you think your shit
doesn’t stink. You shoot up our saloon, beat
up my little brother, then get the barber shot,
then trespass on our land! Who the hell do
you think you are?
24(close-up) Buck: Someone who lived here
before you did--someone who’s come home.
25(close-up) Bronson: Careful, brother--he
might kill you.
26(sound cue) harmonica.
27(medium close-up) Thor: Stay out of this,
Cash! (not looking at him) This big bastard is 
going to learn some respect today--that or I
may shoot his ears off. 
28(two-shot) Buck: So, hardcase, do you want
want to fight right here, right now? as he and
Johnny stepped away from each other.  
29(wide shot) The three gunnies behind Thor 
spread out to compensate and the crowd
moved off to both sides, out of the line of fire.
30(medium close up) Buck: Alright, tough guy--
fists, blades or bullets?
31(close-up) Thor: I fight with this little hunk of 
iron on my leg, big man.
32(sound cue) blues guitar slide & Indian seed rattle.

Glenn Buttkus

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Anmol (HA) said...

Shot no. 20 is marvelous. It reminded me of my Basics of Camera, Light and Sounds lectures.
Such a vivid, tension-filled frenzy. Also, I really liked the sound cues which are so atmospheric.


Kim M. Russell said...

Whenever I read an episode of Blackthorne with the sound cue 'piano and harmonica' I can hear it in my head, Glenn!I'm afraid I chuckled when I read the words "I wouldn’t give that
injun-loving ragtail cocksucker the sweat of my nuts if he was dying of thirst", especially followed by the banjo riff!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

I agree with Kim! Love the humor and intense action in this one and can totally hear the music which sounds in the background ..sigh.. just imagine how marvelous this scene would look on Tv!💜

Unknown said...

What an intriguing and ambitious write, Glenn.

Grace said...

What a setting for a great action Glenn. You left us hanging in here.....

Frank Hubeny said...

You've got me ready for a gunfight.


"Paul tramped off toward his
sanctuary--the CHINA DOLL."

I know I'm silly, but I loved picturing this as a literal china doll. :)

brudberg said...

Great to be reminded of another installment... and now there is really a cliff-hanger... it seems that we are in for some blood in next installment.

Frank J. Tassone said...

Another cliff-hanger of an ending! Can't wait for the next one!