Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ol' Sploggy Rides Again

"Lone Cyclist" by William Bowyer

Ol' Sploggy Rides Again

Yeah, well, Why not.
Decided to do 10 miles
and got distracted again
by roads not traveled.
To make the ride a bit less boring,
I rode around Seward park,
which warmed me up and encouraged me
to drive on on northward.

It was kind of gray and rainy looking,
but I've been wet before.
It started to rain in vero.
So I had a couple miles of that
before it stopped.
When I got back to the dreaded
s-curves on LWB, I said to myself,
what the heck, and rode up anyway.
The road isn't that bad.
Especially after a maple bar
and a cup of Caffe Vito.
Drove on through the raining drive
to the Arboretum, where I took
the high road while they took
the low road;
I don't know if they got there
before me..I mean who are they anyway?

Took the path through the wetlands trail
to MOHAI and noticed a sign
at the museum parking lot that read
"Dont ride bicycles on the wetlands trail."
I seem to be collecting
a bit of a rap sheet, or would be
if I ever got caught.
HA Ha ha hahahaha!

There are OLD bikers,
And there are BOLD bikers
But there are no OLD BOLD bikers.
I didn't fall off.

Doug Palmer September 2009

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Jannie Funster said...

ha! That Palmer guy rocks!

I wants me a maple bar and a caffe vito RIGHT NOW!