Thursday, May 15, 2014

To the Tens

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To the Tens

“Science never solves a problem without
creating ten more.”--George Bernard Shaw.

A flower will still bloom,
even amid thorns;



Wood fences will rot, but
barbed wire



Totem thunderbirds have
large fierce



We have the Higgs Boson,



Love those odd places where line
and texture



Many plows have become
just yard art;



A carved pumpkin gets
respect just



Ivy can tether those



Sunflowers mid-morning
are yawning



Old rocking chairs can make
flower pot



Dying the year I was 
born, still we’re



God appears in the heart
of morning


Glenn Buttkus

Posted over on dVerse Poets MTB

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Claudia said...

i like that all fences rot or rust in the end... breaking down barriers... and the one with the flower still blooming amidst thorns...another fa is the texture one...really cool job with the form... very well done...

p.s. the pub is already open - we get a bit confused with the time...ha... i tagged you in

Brian Miller said...

ha. gets respect just once...never thought about pumpkins that way...the god in the morning myst is cool too...nice job on the form g

Victoria said...

These are so good, Glenn. The one about the yard art really spoke to me of the fading of things seemingly so important to us.

Cressida de Nova said...

These are all good. I liked the carved pumpkin one best as well:)

Björn Rudberg said...

The carved pumpkin and the fences talked most to me.. but I liked the spirituality of the last on.. there is something quite spectacular about morning mist.

Gabriella said...

Great series, Glenn! I like that about the wood fence too, the carved pumpkin and the last one.

vivinfrance said...

You have surely cracked this form, Glen. My favourite is the sunflower one.

Anonymous said...

I kept going back to the one where lines and texture meets. That one set off a fire in my gut somehow. All beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Glenn! Totem poles - it had to be you that included these in a poem! :)

Heaven said...

I marvel at each offering, distinct & well contained ~ You are just succinct with short forms Glenn ~ I specially adore sunflowers & morning mist (as it was here too) ~


Anonymous said...

Your voice is powerful and your words are breath-taking. :)

wow!!! I love your poem.

Wolfsrosebud said...

all so cool, but I really liked the pumpkin one

Mary said...

I like your collection, Glenn. Amazing, isn't it, how flowers bloom despite their surroundings. And yes...each kind of fence has its issues. A perfect solution is non-existent. And yard art? Ha, I could contribute some things. You owned this form, Glenn. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

many good ones here Glen, simple statements full of meaning, the last one a powerful ending

Truedessa said...

Wow these were all great, the first one reminded me of a rose full of beauty amid thorns. Those sunflowers
must be waiting for the sun.

Kathy said...

Nice group and I like them all...the dying one stands out to me, though. Can tell you had fun here....they can send a whopper of a message or a subtle one with so few words!

lynndiane said...

You've displayed your versatility in writing these, Glenn...impressive tiluses!

jo-hanna said...

replaced fence yesterday
had rotted

actually, I'm opting for tili :-)

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I like them all very much, particularly the last.

Marina Sofia said...

Quietly observed, with a little tinge of sarcasm (not sure my husband will appreciate the Higgs Boson one - or will he be flattered?). I like the pumpkin, the fence and the plows becoming art. Time flies...

kelvin s.m. said...

Glenn, sir... thank you for your takes on this form, Tilus. I truly appreciate it. The last tilus is perfect---I wish I'd written that! Smiles.

Sumana Roy said...

little gems...all of them...and the
fence tilus is awesome...

Anonymous said...

oooo, Glenn - what texture and variety - loved the barbed wire and the sunflowers and of course the final, god in the mist - wonderful! K

Anonymous said...

all that has iron eventually rusts, alas I suppose that's true.

these were just packed with power Glenn

Abhra said...

Glen, I think this is contrary to your style and yet you handled it so well, smiles - great micro thoughts.

Ostensible Truth said...

"Wood fences will rot, but
barbed wire

rusts." particularly caught me here - highlights how everything is susceptible to time, and nothing is beyond degradation.