Thursday, January 15, 2015

Miller Time

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Miller Time

“Science never solves a problem without
creating ten more.”--George Bernard Shaw

A Miller’s Dozen

Harold lies smiling
because he was included
in the holidays.


Revealed partially between
the bars, the mighty courtyard
shined verdant. 


How far must we
journey to escape
the terrible thirst?


Granted, castles may crumble,
but their bones
laugh at time.


The several gables sported
new glass, becoming
cumulus mirrors. 


A driftwood throne, perhaps
for forgotten kings
or wayward princes.


Small town water towers
have become scarce
as covered bridges. 

Logging trucks can become
yard art, left
to the elements.


Clever pipelines can
masquerade as actual bridges
over oblivious water.


Where is the child
that belongs to 
this abandoned shoe?


The alligators still lurk
beneath our streets,
making their plans. 


Passementerie adorning
classic wrought iron always
requires an image capture. 

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets MTB

Kudos to brother poet, Brian Miller who created the Ten Word Form.

All images accompanying the poems by Glenn Buttkus.

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Mary said...

An interesting collection, Glenn. I laughed about Harold being included in the holidays! And yes, that driftwood throne could be useful for those wayward princes (or princesses?) And, indeed one wonders about abandoned shoes when one finds them...especially those of children!

Victoria said...

Do you realize just how good you are at brevity in addition to your more epic-like productions. And each one had more than meets the eye!

Brian Miller said...

clap clap clap....nicely played...and I love the took me a second on Harold as bones of the castle laughing was cool....driftwood throne was an intriguing one too....well played good man...

Claudia said...

very nicely done - love esp. the truck art and the driftwood throne... looks like for a prince indeed

Gabriella said...

I enjoyed all your poems, Glenn, as well as the photos. I smiled at the first one but also really like the one about the trucks and the lonely shoe.

Anonymous said...

The first one is AWESOME.

Björn Rudberg said...

Love that you went with an image for each.. We share an interest for rusted old cars I see.. :-) But my favorite one is definitely this one:

Granted, castles may crumble,
but their bones
laugh at time.

annell said...

I enjoyed each one, especially the laughing bones!

Anonymous said...

ten words is too few to comment on this fine ---

Kathy Reed said...

Love the photos with the tenWord - you have a curious eye for the nostalgic and historic..smiles

Anonymous said...

I love how the tenWords transmute into captions and provoke the audience to reinterpret the photos...

Anonymous said...

A very nice & touching imagery you've painted here.

You have sooth my soul with your brilliant words of hope and strength.

Thank you Glenn for you always being you.


Heaven said...

Nice set Glenn ~ I specially admire the yard art and clever pipelines ~ And kudos for a clever title to the creator of the form, smiles ~


Wolfsrosebud said...

someone got into this prompt... and photos... nice

Truedessa said...


I really like how you inserted the pictures. I have to wonder how far must we journey to escape the terrible thirst. When will that thirst be quenched? Must we walk the desert sands.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful set. There are some beautiful images, like the pipelines as bridges over oblivious water, logging trucks as yard art, etc.

My favorite would be this one: "How far must we journey to escape the terrible thirst?"


vivinfrance said...

Every one is a gem and I loved the combinations picture/words.

Water towers are common here - we navigate by them, as you would say
"turn left at the Fox & Goose pub" in England, here you might say "If you see the water tower you've come too far". Increasingly, the same applies to wind turbines (aoliens)

Marilyn B said...

These are wonderful! Escaping thirst is probably my favourite.

kaykuala said...

The alligators still lurk
beneath our streets,
making their plans.

Gems of tens Glenn! I like the above as it reminds me of the many faces of politicians waiting in the wings to make big bucks!


Ginny Brannan said...

These are lovely! I have so many favorites -- the courtyard through the bars, the question posed "how far must we journey…" Castle bones laughing at time, the driftwood throne. Rather partial to old castles and tales of such. Your 10 word snippets read as classics. Well done indeed.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love each has its own illustration - really adds to the prompt - the castle bones is my fave but the alligators - yikes!

Mama Zen said...

That first one is just priceless!

Other Mary said...

These make me :)

Anna Chamberlain said...

Oh my, the plans of alligators! You had some wide-romping fun with these! A joyful read, indeed.