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Blackthorne--Scene Thirty-Seven

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Cinemagenic Thirty-Seven


“You may know where to touch her, but that does not mean
you know how. Take time to learn what she truly desires.”
--Stephan Labossiere.

1(tight two-shot) The Indian reached out slowly with his free
hand, touching her softly on the nose.
2(close-up) the mare’s eyes were wild, scared & angry.
3(medium two-shot) the mare flinched.
He soothed & praised her, touching & stroking her knotted neck.
--What a black beauty you are, beautiful black & so sleek; small
but powerful.
All the while he was inching the bridle closer to her bobbing head.
4(sound cue) Spanish guitar chords, slow strumming.
5(tight two-shot) Slowly, ever so slowly, he began to slip the bridle on.
--Good horse, sweet girl, that’s it, Johnny loves you. You like me, don’t
you? Like the smell of me & how I look at you, Concetta. I will just
put this nice bridle over your pretty head, OK? 
6(medium two-shot) The coal-black horse eyed the man, but did not
move away. She pranced some, & closed her teeth to the plain bar bit.
He gently touched her cheek. She opened her mouth to nip flesh &
closed it on cold steel.
7(sound cue) horse hooves rapping, with shrill complaints high up
in her throat.
8(medium close-up) She rolled her eyes, flattened her ears, squirm-
jumped & quivered. 
9(two-shot) Johnny spit the cigar stub out, & pulled her head down as
she made short staccato moans. 
--I will not hurt you, little one. When I am on your back, I will be your
lover man.--talking in a soft monotone.
10(medium close-up) He smoothly buckled the throat latch, tossed one
rein over her neck, & let the other one hang loose.
11(medium wide-shot) Cautiously the mare moved the grounded rein
around in the white dust, as the Indian turned his back on her & sauntered
to the rails. 
12(sound cue) Indian seed rattle & banjo chords,
13(medium close-up) Near the railings in a corner of the corral there was
a battered split-rail sawhorse, & on one side of it there were two colorful
but faded blankets--one was Nez Pierce, frayed, thin & sun-bleached,
the other was Mexican vaquero, covered with Aztec symbols. A dusty
yellow lariat & a thin well-worn busting saddle rested next to them. 
14(cut to traveling steadi-cam shot) panning the excited faces of
the crowd, old & young wranglers, their battered hats pulled down
low over their eyes--some were crippled & some were dude-ish
boardwalk porch punchers. 
15(as the camera pans smoothly) we notice the bright white lettering
on the tallest reddest barn, BRONSON AUCTIONS. 
16(halfway around, cut to a crane shot outside the corral) pan-circling
the flannel & levi shirted backs, some in chaps, all in old boots.
We see Johnny Eagle with his hands on his hips, talking & chuckling,
his back still to the mare.
17(sound cue) piano, & banjo with harmonica slowly huffing.
18(medium close-up, angle on) a brash but nervous young cowboy; 
peach fuzz on his ruddy cheeks, curly red hair poking out of his hat:
--I got four-bits says she’ll toss your red ass in the dirt!
19(close-up) Johnny sporting a wide toothy smile:
--Keep your money, kid--buy me a drink after the dance. Hey, would
you like to warm her up for me?
20(two-shot) the young cowboy holding his hands up:
--Christ no, Johnny. I like my cojones right where they are!
21(medium wide shot) More laughter erupted--Johnny always kept
men laughing, unless he was mean-drunk & then he was liable to
use one of his sharp knives. 
22(medium close-up) a white-bearded prospector in a tattered hat:
--How do you think you’ll do with her?
23(sound cue) clarinet squawk & drum roll.
24(two-shot) angle over the old man’s shoulder:
--Better than you, grandfather--as Johnny swept up the Mexican
blanket in a smart swirl, snapping up dust like a matador. 
25(tight two-shot) he turned back toward the waiting dance partner:
--Do you see the blanket, horse?--walking closer to the mare.
--Smell it, young lady, see, it smells like your sister & brother--& 
what a nice blanket it is, huh? Pretty & bright & harmless. Would it
not look lovely on your back? Sure, sure it would. 
26(medium wide shot) the Indian stood still alongside the horse. She
fidgeted, rolling the bar in her panting mouth, leaving metallic tastes.
27(sound cue) Tack metal & leather harmonizing over a guitar chord.
28(tight two-shot) He placed the blanket on her back in one deft
movement; she shivered. The blanket moved but stayed in place.
29(medium close-up) Johnny--the blanket will be fine, you’ll get used
to it. The saddle is next, then me. We will leap for joy, eh?
30(sound cue) Castanets, guitar, & harmonica. 

Glenn Buttkus

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Sanaa Rizvi said...

Intriguing...! :D

Björn Rudberg said...

Brilliant.. Johnny sure knows how to deal with horses. Love the dialogue with that young cowboy.. I look forward to the next installment.

Claudia said...

i too love the dialogue with the young guy - and cool how he's patient and gives her the time she needs

Hayes Spencer said...

I like how he talks the horse into liking the blanket, to being comfortable with it, taking her training with small steps. As always, I can hardly wait for the next bit of story.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the beginning, as Johnny takes control over the mare, gradually and masterfully.
I love the sights that you show through your words.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Oh so well done! Love how you introduce Johnny's foreplay with the horse as he takes time to learn what she truly desires. She will get to know him too.
Anna :o]

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Well done, and this line made me laugh:
"-Christ no, Johnny. I like my cojones right where they are!"

Grace said...

I admire the details, specially the part of the blanket smelling like the brother or sister ~

Enjoyed the taming & foreplay before the ride itself ~ Superb chapter reading Glenn ~

Mary said...

Always like to see your episodes, Glenn. I truly cannot say I remember all of the details of the past ones, but this one really shines.

Anonymous said...

Glenn - love the little asides and descriptions - can't wait til the next installment!

Anthony Desmond said...

Brilliance as always, Glenn! Loved the focus on the young'n ;)

Marilyn B said...

I've come to love your episodes. Wonderful.

Prajakta said...

Ooh :) This was interesting and cowboys are especially complex. I like the duality of their personalities and the connection with their horses.

Kate Mia said...

Ah... the Indians who understand that
horses are humans are the Indians
who know how to tame the love
with the wild of both horses
and humans

To be wild without love or to
be love without wild
is never to be
the HORse

Anonymous said...

training a horse is a love-affair of sorts Glenn - Really enjoyed this one.

Anonymous said...

will he succeed in mounting her? Looking forward to the next installment. You give the reader confidence in Johnny's ability, but leave room for concern...after all, she is an unbroken horse...nice sense of suspense.

lynn__ said...

I'm sitting on the corral fence chewing a weed, tasting dust...and hearing the background music :)

mrs mediocrity said...

Loving this new chapter to the story... a thread of tenderness running through this one, a nice foil to the dusty western landscape.

Truedessa said...

Ah, I had to come over and read the next episode. He sure knows how to talk to her..soothing her fears so he can ride her. Enjoyed the bit of foreplay..and you know some spirits are meant to be a bit wild you don't want to totally tame her.