Thursday, August 13, 2015

On the Stump

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On the Stump

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing.
The people who count the votes decide everything.”
--Joseph Stalin.

Oh Christ, Presidential Politics are upon us yet again.
We hear all the candidates yowling like tomcats.
We do wonder where in hell is the actual truth?
They attack each other like starving rats in a maze.
Too many of us are filled with disgust.
Some of us never even make it to the polls.
So do they even have the right to complain,
When they choose not to practice democracy?
Can we stumble & elect a demagogue?
Or will we elect the First Madam?
Will Trump pick Palin for his running mate?
Sanders tells us what we have desperately needed to hear.
Personally, I really do feel the Bern.
His Turn.
How can a blowhard clown like the Donald
Gather up such a tremendous head of steam?
Trump has all the finesse of a schoolyard bully.
Is our government so completely broken?
Will 1% billionaires ever be willing to share with us?
Allow the reinstatement of the middle class?
Ever quit putting Congress in their pocket?
Sock it.
Can any political promises come to pass?
Kiss my ass.
Well, we will find out in 2016.
Ruptured spleen.

Glenn Buttkus

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Mary said...

Ha ha ha, Glenn. I am laughing here, but your poem is filled with sad truths about the state of politics right now. To think we are going to have more than a year of these goings on is both sickening and frightening. Excellent echoes. I can see you really thought about your lines.

Gabriella said...

A bitter sweet write! Your poem resonates with me, Glenn. A lot of these candidates are clowns and give such a poor image of the USA that is is frightening and disheartening. I agree that Sanders seems to be the one who is most in tune with what the lives of the real people are.

brudberg said...

Oh I have to agree, though at our side we mostly see a fain echo of what politics is over on your side... Sometimes I have a feeling that they are not debating what should be debated and try to find a lot of other ideas that politicians shouldn't deal with at all....

Marina Sofia said...

I can hear your anger and pain, though you wrapped it up well in a lot of humour and satire! That echo really did work as a jester and political BS detector in this case!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Such a wise & insightful write :)

Kathy Reed said...

I got a big kick out of this! Politicians have made a mockery of our democracy...the unintelligent and childish rants coming from the right are so embarrassing front of the entire world we have exposed ourselves as ridiculous. Only Obama has risen above the fray with grace I think you should send this satirical rant to The New Yorker!

Sabio Lantz said...

Got me smiling.
Newspapers and blogs can be very boring,
and I spend lots of my time reading
So I am voting for Trump
so that my reading getting much more interesting.

Anthony Desmond said...

true shit, Glenn. Very humorous and also pisses me off... I knew you'd come with a 20-mile-long poem, but dammit, they're worth it.

Sumana Roy said...

I love this satiric everywhere in the world this is the true face of democracy...the saddest part of it is that we all go to poll to elect these good for nothings...sigh..a brilliant echo verse...

Shadiatique said...

Provocative poem. Loved it.. Got the point... Made re-question too.

Well written.

Roslyn Ross said...

This is really clever. :)

Toni Spencer said...

Since I do not comment on or discuss politics, I will pass over that part. However, you did an excellent write on this. The echoes are clever and you worked this form very well.

lynn__ said...

Clever political satire, Glenn - ha,ha! Yes, i think our government is clearly broken...perhaps we need a brain surgeon ;)

Anonymous said...

I love a good rant and this surely was a good and clever rhyming from the echo.

Kate Mia said...

Trump Bump Oomphs Sump Pump
Hillary female wave
Pompous ASS

This prompt
is so FUN

Truedessa said...

haha - that was brilliant..I am clapping...I saw some of the debate while Trump is amusing...he can kiss my rump...but, hey in America anyone can be President...look at the past Reagan was a movie star and became President and Schwarzenegger became governor of California. This is scary stuff really...politicians play a good game but in the end they are all the same and who's to blame?

hope you are enjoying your weekend...

Abhra Pal said...

Glenn, I think as a political satire you used the form very much in your support.