Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Blackthorne--Scene 50

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Cinemagenic Fifty


“Reality is easy--it’s deception that
is the hard work.”--Lauryn Hill.

1(wide-shot) The three unbroken mares were staked securely,
close together.
2(sound cue) a crow’s strident caw blended over a cello chord.
3(overhead drone shot) a white raven in flight; traveling with it
as it flaps & soars down to & over the equine trio of bound maidens.
They all looked up as it winged by, landing on the naked top limb
of a ancient snag.
4(medium close-up) the raven’s head swiveling left & right, its 
red piercing eyes alert. 
5(sound cue) Indian seed rattle, castanets & wood block bangs.
6(cut back to medium close up) One of the mares, a black, was
restless, pacing, tugging at her tether, making soft nickers. Another,
a dark chestnut, was down, her legs tucked beneath her, watching
the younger black with bemusement. The third one, a brown & white
pinto drank from a small pond, blowing mud bubbles & sucking up
the cool water.
7(sound cue) a stallion‘s neigh over a muted coronet.
8(medium close up) the young pinto lifted her perfect head, & pricked 
up her white ears
9(close-up) the joy in her blue eyes.
10(return to medium close-up) she began bobbing her head, tugging
at her rope restraint, whickering shrilly with fat water beads standing
out on her soft nose.
11(two-shot) The chestnut & the restless black both turned their head
& looked up. He had come.
12(sound cue) piano & French horns.
13(cut to medium wide-shot) the Appaloosa stood on a hill high above
the trap. The breeze was bending the grass, blowing from behind him,
ruffling his mane & rippling waves on the pond--so he did not smell
the hidden men.
14(cut to a reverse shot) with the stallion in partial silhouette. Below him
there is an opening between two boulders, & a lot of tall sage, pine, &
aspen limbs have been piled high over a split rail fence that surrounds
the pond, & danger did not announce itself.
15( cut back to original POV wide shot) revealing that a dozen of the
boldest members of his band of mustangs stood as one, a tight knot
of wild horseflesh behind & below him.
16(medium close-up) he called to his mares.
17(sound cue) they answered as triplets.
18(stationary wide shot) below the stallion. He pawed the ground
with his left hoof, snorted & started down the hill alone, moving
toward the lens. A couple of the bronco colts started to follow, but
then halted.
19(sound cue) Indian snake rattle & French horns with sustained
low bleats.
20(cut to crane shot) tracking medium wide as the stallion trotted 
down the hill, then stopped,
21(close-up) & sniffed the air.
22(cut to medium close-up) as the restless black mare urged him on,
implored him to help them.
23(medium wide shot) the stallion cantered into the opening in the rocks
directly in front of his staked-out females.
24(sound cue) acoustic guitar chords.
25(medium close-up) He stopped short, talking to his ladies, his eyes
angry & impatient--Take us away from here, we are frightened. He
commanded silence. They obeyed.
26(medium wide-shot) he skittered stiff-legged up to the restless black;
hers was the first nose he touched. He walked past the chestnut, now
on her feet--she was old & flabby, right up to the frisky pinto--she was
one of his favorites. He had no more than nuzzled her neck
27(medium close-up) angle on the stallion’s head just as he heard
the noise.
28(sound cue) the onerous sound of the first pole slipping into place
over a coronet & snare drum.
29(medium wide shot) all the mares were screaming, bucking, & straining
against their ropes as he whirled around & lunged toward escape.
30(cut to medium close up) as the second, third, & fourth poles slipped
into place across the opening, barring the stallion’s egress--& there were
two men with ropes behind the poles.

Glenn Buttkus

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Sanaa Rizvi said...

Thats a great quote you chose to go along with your poem! Such brilliant work :D

brudberg said...

Ah.. the nothing better than sex to lure a stallion.. but I think it will be some job to break him in... But to win a battle you have to have a great horse.. I like how you described the mares here..

Anonymous said...

I loved your Quote....

Grace said...

Love the scene with the mares and background music ~ That must be some wild nature beauty ~

Have a good Thanksgiving Glenn ~

Anonymous said...

You set the scene so well... can't wait to see what happens next.

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say I've never read anything like this before. Awesome.

Marina Sofia said...

Glad to see you are pandering to my own preference for the horses... ;-)
I just love them to bits - and you clearly are such a sympathetic and keen observer of their every move, mood and twitch.

Anonymous said...

This is terrible. I hate men ('scuse me, I assume it was men that did this to the stallion). Hope you've never done anything like this. I'm sure you're one of the good ones. You certainly write well!

Bryan Ens said...

I found myself hoping that he would escape, but somehow free the mares as well. Maybe in the next installment. Love the shift in the POV to what the horses are seeing and feeling.

Kate Mia said...

Poles of weapons
deceptions of capture
willing slaves
of submission
and the dance
and South
goes on..
to tilt one
way or the other..
life goes on..
or not..
yeah.. sure..
ya can lead
a horse to...
o.. a drinking
whole or whatever..
stalLioNs run free..:)

kaykuala said...

Action and sex as a weapon, it works in entertainment. The stallions are in a frenzy. The audience in theaters will certainly be all in anticipation. Great write Glenn!