Thursday, May 19, 2016

Minimalist Joy

image by glenn buttkus

Minimalist Joy

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking
more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”--Socrates.

There is a photographic form widely
    respected and utilized by those
        that somehow see abstract
          images, fully formed sweet
               minimalist art, here
             and there, wherever our
               eyes dart, from the
                    back yard to
                       from what’s
                        calling for
                    to that created by
                 our own innate sense of
                composition, seeing some
              vignettes at every turn, being
             fascinated by old peeling paint
      patina, hood ornaments, chains, padlocks
                     doors, windows
                      striking urban
                structures, grills, stacks of
                old tires, fences, tree bark,
              broken gears, abandoned cars,
                or houses, or machinery, or
            boats. This is a never-ending hunt
        for treasures that are hiding in plain sight.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub



brudberg said...

Indeed.. there is so much to capture out there.. rusted bolts, and old doors. I do it sometimes to, but I have never done anything more out of it.

Glenn Buttkus said...

I know you take great photos. I put you in my FB group, SOUTH SOUND MINIMALIST PHOTOS. Take some time & post some of your images for the "world" to see ( I have 207 international members now).

Victoria said...

I love art that is created using re-purposed objects. I am looking for some of these kinds of things to photograph right now for my photography blog--a challenge this week to get others to guess just what is it you've photographed. These are the kind of things that open the eyes of poets and artists. Love it!

Mary said...

I like this, Glenn.....the idea that there is art where you find it. Art everywhere, even in the everyday and ordinary things. It all depends on the eye of the beholder and the lens of the camera! You wrote a thoughtful etheree; and now I am going to take a look around. Smiles.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Oh yes absolutely :D we find that art can be found everywhere be it nature or everyday life. Lovely work on the form :D

Lots of love,

Kim M. Russell said...

You have found beauty in a junkyard and given it a wonderfully wobbly shape! I enjoyed exploring this one, Glenn.

Marilyn B said...

Very true that art is everywhere, and often zeroing in on a small visual square reveals amazing sights!

Scarlet said...

Art is indeed everywhere and we just need to be open and seeing the beauty in everyday simple things ~

Grace said...

"treasures in plain sight" ---- so very very true. Angels along the way and we just need turn our heads a bit, steady our gaze upon the ordinary to realize how extraordinary it is.
Well done!

Truedessa said...

Art is everywhere and it is up to the beholder to determine how they feel about the abstracts of life. This reminded me of a place I visited. High on a cliff there were all these locks on a gate. Apparently, it was a place to leave your wishes locked in the belief they would come true.

Anonymous said...

beauty hides in humble abandoned items
I like how your poem was somewhat "stacked" like those old tires

De said...

Oh! Those last lines! YES.

vivinfrance said...

Wow! A triple Etheree! I love your heterogeous images collected into a harmonious whole.

Lines 6/7: did you mean to use "our" twice?

Walter J. Wojtanik said...

Certainly, art is everywhere. And as poets we find our inspiration everywhere we look. It is a wonderful union of your inspired art that drives this poem Glenn. Always a pleasure to see it at work in your words!

Petru Viljoen said...

Wonder if you visited the Claudia McGill Museum ( If you haven't, the site underscores what you are praising here. I don't know an artist who doesn't have some kind of resonance with the most mundane of things. Loved your poem. Almost a stream of consciousness.

Mish said...

I truly believe this to be true. Art can manifest itself in anything if we let ourselves "see" it. Abandoned, random, lost, obsolete items ...all treasures.

Kate Mia said...

Sacred Art of liFE
Holy in aLL wE sEE.. FeeL..
sPeak. wRite.. taste.. tOuch..
smell.. hear.. propriocept..
pain.. sadness.. tears.. oh
sorrow.. yes.. 412 or so
eMotToNs naMed
bY science..
even a
on a soUl
by Sting StiLL
and Humming
Bird Wings.. i could
go on.. write 11 million
words about the sacred
holy nature of all things..
sNap 100k photos PLUS.. or
so.. including 10K or so
of me.. and treasure
every step in
dance over
5400 mIles
in 33 months
and jUst imagine
for over two decades
folks asked me what Ya
BEEN doing Fred WHAT yA
SAY.. and all i sAid
was two words..
working working..
i guess to make it
seem like more..
SMiLes.. once
the heARt iS openEd
iT WiLL not shut uP.. noW

hyperCRYPTICal said...

How so much I agree. The world is full of art and beauty if we care to look for it. My house is home to many odd things I regard as art.
Kind regards
Anna :o]

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

A nice extension of Socrates's dictum, lol.

Toni Spencer said...

Excellent etheree...but did you mean to link this for today's compact haibun? You may want to link this for OLN since the link for etheree is closed and today is haibun Monday in compact form.

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