Friday, July 22, 2016


Myself as Henry Albertson in THE FANTASTICKS.


“I had therefore to remove knowledge, in order
to make room for belief.”--Immanuel Kant.

I sincerely believe that Donald J. Trump is the actual
embodiment of Benito Mussolini, with the sentiments
& trappings of George Wallace--but today, like the
President of Mexico, who first likened him to Hitler,
if Trump somehow becomes the next President, all
of us will have to gird our loins, tone down our rhetoric
and somehow persevere & endure his reign of racist,
isolationist, bullying, arrogance, and sexist dictatorship.

I once passionately believed that I would become a
successful actor, being classically trained & superbly
ego-driven, but alas, though I had the talent & became
a professional for a decade, I never really made a decent
living. So when teaching beckoned, I answered the call.

I really believe that our world is upside down at the moment,
as unreasonable manipulated fear inhabits all of our lives.
Radical Islamic terrorists, like filthy nests of lethal rodents,
will hide & proliferate in plain sight & be very difficult to
eliminate or eradicate. I fear that my young grandchildren
will continue to be affected by this latest Crusade.

I used to believe that one day I would become a famous
writer. I do love to write, & I continue to excel in every form
of writing I have encountered--fiction, non-fiction, short
stories, novels, poetry, essays, reviews, & technical prose,
still favoring writing first in longhand--and yet, my creative
writing has never given me an income, & the hoary dream
of being published has morphed into a 21st century new
form--whereby the sainted pulsating internet allows my words
to visit every corner of the globe, & fellowship with other
writers has replaced avarice & ancient imprinting.

I have always believed that my eye for composition would
enable me to become a terrific photographer, but for most
of my life photography was too expensive for me to explore.
Yet, wonderfully in this digital age my dream has come to
fruition, & the inexorable reaches of the cyber realities have
allowed me to solidly connect with photographers all over
this busy planet, & yes, my own images now daily grace more
than a dozen international photography sites.

Belief is comfort.
though absolute truth can be
elusive & rare.

Glenn Buttkus 

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Gayle Walters Rose said...

I liked reading about your beliefs, Glenn. I share the same fear for my granddaughter that you do for your grandchildren. It's a freaky world out there these days. Belief is comfort because it's ours personally and we hold it dear. What is absolute truth then? It can be different for everyone. Maybe it's so rare because it doesn't really exist.

brian miller said...

Absolute truth can make us look into the dark corners of our soul as well...most of us don't want truth...because it does not fit our comfortable life...that first stanza is all to scary and true

Debi Swim said...

Enjoyed your beliefs and thoughts. I agree with your first stanza.

Anonymous said...

You are such a strong writer, Glenn.

"being classically trained & superbly
ego-driven" ... I adore this about you. :)

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Love it – particularly the haiku / aphorism at the end.

brudberg said...

We need those beliefs, something to carry us forth to be better... I so wonder what Mr Trump's true beliefs are.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

'Belief is comfort though absolute truth can be elusive and rare' such a wise and profound statement.

Sumana Roy said...

some beliefs drive us further and some comfort but truth is far from either and often unpalatable....

Kate Mia said...

SMLes.. my friEnd.. Glenn..
my greaTest hope REaLiT
is the reaLiTy
thaT aLL oF
deSire iS
to be Free..
it's just common
seNse.. anYthing away
from free.. including the
tRappings of fame.. and other
temporary accolades like a new
car.. new home.. a new set of
clothes or whatever
does not
a temple
of flesh and
spirit is aWay
from free.. i choose
naked creativity
in all ways
of life..
it never
'costs' me
in terms
of free..
but sure.. it is never
free and takes work
from wake to sleep..
as the monkey rarely falls
from trees and hawks fall
from skies.. liFe IS
A practice
and only
in eYes
of human
written words
from thaT pest
of neo-cortical illusion
of past and present and
other FORMS temporal bEyond
saniTy NoW..

Anthony Desmond said...

Most rather the comfort in feeling lips pressed against their ass cheeks than hearing the truth... smh.

Toni Spencer said...

Quite a manifest here. I do like all the truths that were once dreams. I am again reminded of blessed we are not to have children. The Islamists frighten me and their lack of regard for life, much less children, make my heart cold. Excellent senryu at the end of this. Wish I could send you my crossbow. We may end up needing it yet. But I am glad the digital age has made your dreams of photography come true. Beautiful work you do.

Grace said...

Sorry for the late visit Glenn. I really enjoyed your reflections of what you wanted to do and aspired to be, versus what really happened. I am thankful for the internet in making it possible to "travel" to other parts of the world and see the lovely images from the pictures of other travelers. Love the read and quote!!! Have a good weekend.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

I too hoped and believed my dreams/beliefs of younger years would come to fruition and yet they did not as I never truly pursued them, gave them my all Nevertheless I am happy with much of my life and would change very little of it.
Tis an excellent senryu Glenn, much wisdom there.
Kind regards
Anna :o]

Victoria said...

That encounter we come to face at this stage of our lives. Dreams vs. reality...but still somewhere in the center, there is still an embryo of hope.