Monday, October 17, 2016

The Performance

image of me at the BSharp.

The Performance

“If you’re going to do something, strive to do it 
better than anyone else. If you’re going to half-
ass it, why bother?”--Ashly Lorenzana.

I am prowling Opera Alley, loving its cobblestones,
skipping under its gaslights. The buildings are all
painted bright primary colors, like a stroll in Little
Havana--pink, umber, red, yellow, turquoise and
tangerine. I enjoy the murals & wall art that are
splashed between windows & doors, the styles
being Asian, African & urban graffiti. There is a
light rain falling. I approach the old Tacoma 
Tribune office, which has been turned into the 
BSharp Coffee House, an esoteric space for
blues, jazz, punk rock & literary events, like the
Poetry Slam that I’m attending tonight. My two
poems are in a manila folder under my jacket.
I see there are a few people already gathered
in the dim lights. I’m feeling that familiar rush
of adrenalin as I prepare to perform.

I’m called Tacoma’s
last beat poet, brightening my
heart, conjuring smile.

Glenn Buttkus


Arcadia Maria said...

Very nice halibun. I almost felt like I was following you to the club.

Grace said...

I hope it was a great and amazing experience Glenn ~ Have not tried the poetry slam yet but I imagine my heart would be pumping overtime as I prepare to perform ~ Love the details of the place, its colors and urban graffiti.

tonispencer said...

Very nice haibun in the classic style. Certsinly plenty of room for creativity in this. The senryu at the end is so happy in its scope. I hope the poems you did at the poetry reading were eell accepted and enjoyed. I imagine you have influenced many a yojng person to write poetry. I imagine you arenot the last beat poet around in your neck of the woods. I think your infludnce has spread lime the proverbial ripples in a pond, touching all who hear you read. Your kids should be proud of their father.

ZQ said...

Yup! You're a character... and a nice one :)
ZQ said...

I love this Glenn! Felt your anxious rush. I have never attempted to read at a poetry slam.

Kim M. Russell said...

I have been tempted to do some reading - we have a place in Norwich called The Birdcage that has poetry readings and slams once a month - but haven't had the courage yet. The closest I've got is a workshop/project we recently completed on acts of kindness in war - I read poems to a camera and the premiere of the film is at a Norwich cinema on 11th November, after which it will be shown at the Imperial War Museum and then it will go on line. I do attend poetry readings and slams, though, and I really enjoy them.
I love the way I, as a reader, accompany you on your way to the gig: the cobblestones, the gaslights and buildings. I can see them in my mind's eye, along with the Asian, African & urban graffiti. The BSharp Coffee House sounds interesting and I can feel your 'rush of adrenalin', too. Thanks for the experience, Tacoma’s last beat poet!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

I can feel the adrenaline rush here in the details of your haibun, performing at Poetry Slam must be so cool!❤️ Especially love "The buildings are all painted bright primary colors, like a stroll in Little Havana--pink, umber, red, yellow, turquoise and tangerine."❤️ Beautifully rendered.

Lots of love,

Brian said...

I've done poetry readings years ago, nothing like the thrill of the audience snapping their fingers. I love the picture of you.

Debi Swim said...

"I’m called Tacoma’s last beat poet" Yes, that has a nice ring to it. I'd love a place like you describe said...

Tacoma's last beat poet...........I can see you with this title! But I always think of you wearing a Western hat with spurs on your boots :)
I've been thinking about going to a poetry slam for quite some time now. So do you read in an animated voice or in that drone that I've noticed with other poets when they read aloud -- as if the words themselves should tell the tale/emotion/etc and not the voice? Maybe someday I'll get up the nerve...........
Smiling I am and walking right with you because of your description here!

Unknown said...

William Burroughs and Alan Ginsberg would've approved.

brudberg said...

What a great thing to be named... and what a wonderful performance it must have been.

Asobime said...

I, too, see you as a beat poet. LOL! This haibun reminded me of South Beach Miami, where the pastel colored buildings are faded by the sun....a beautiful stretch of building built in the 20's and 30's. Old dames that have noisy pipes and narrow rooms. LOL! I love them, though.

Your haibun is so upbeat! Cheers! I want to get back to that....this round of prompts was depressing to me. but splendid work came from all I read.

Lady Nyo (Jane)

Xenia said...

A beautiful haibun and I can feel the adrenalin dance :o)

Victoria said...

I was right there with you, thanks to the sense of place (using perfect sensory detail) that you created. I can see how you would be ranked wit the beat poets, Glenn, and join in the accolades that you and your work receive.

Mish said...

I would have loved to have heard you slamming! Perhaps you will share some audio sometime. It is definitely a dream of mine, but my nervousness in front of a crowd would surely overtake me.

Unknown said...

I really need to attend a poetry slam someone. Hope it was a great night for you!

Gayle Walters Rose said...

Your mention of Little Havana made me think of my days living in Miami and the Little Havana there...those same colors were splashed everywhere. My heart too would be beating overtime as I waited to perform. What a nice opportunity for you, Glenn, and how cool to be considered one of the beat poets!