Thursday, July 20, 2017


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“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow,
you have to put up with the rain--Dolly Parton.

The heat has turned Navy gray,
clouds cover day.
I heard the rain,
coolness the gain.

Temps at ninety in the Northwest
are not the best
way toward comfort,
much sweat to court.

My eight tomato plants do smile,
sipping awhile--
me on the deck,

breeze on my neck.

Glenn Buttkus


Kim Russell said...

That's a great quote from Dolly, Glen. I love that you've written about rain, my favourite weather, and I was especially enchanted by:
'The heat has turned Navy gray'
clouds cover day'.
And I can feel that breeze at 8.25 in the evening - we still have sun filtering through the willow leaves that are swaying oh so gently! :) said...

Love that navy gray heat and the idea of you sitting with your tomatoes! :) Nice response with the form...and love the Dolly Parton quotation! :)

Grace said...

How cool is that, you sitting watching the tomato plants smiling ~ We need a bit of rain to cool the summer heat ~ Love your Dolly Parton quote too ~

Frank Hubeny said...

Good quote by Dolly Parton. The coolness and wetness of rain is as much relief as the rainbow. I liked how those tomato plants "sipped" the water.

sarah said...

I like that Navy gray heat. It has a weight to it.

Alison H said...

Much sweat to court. we have had a few night like this and you conveyed the heat so well. In this type of heat the rain is welcome.

Victoria said...

We really could use some of that rain, Glenn, if you please, down here in wild fire gully. But hold the lightning.

Kathy Reed said...

I stood in the list this morning, too. :-) That Navy gray must stem from your militay background, the nearness of Bremerton, or your muse..a combination of the three.Hurray for your tomatoes!

Kathy Reed said...

..I meant 'mist'

S said...

I love that movie. Super hot rain dance.

The last six lines are my favorites.

Mark Walters said...

Yes sir. The dog days of Summer are on us. I'm still looking for rain or a little cool breeze. Thanks for a little breeze

Blogoratti said...

Rain especially after a long heat wave is delightful. Wonderful poem, and warm greetings to you!

indybev said...

A weather report and garden update, all in minute form. Applause from my corner!

Linda Kruschke said...

Great job capturing weather here in the Pacific Northwest. Many here just don't know how to handle 90 degrees, but the tomato plants do seem to love it.

Colin Lee said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your recording, Glenn, with your soothing voice like a breeze on my neck. Thank you for sharing, sir. said...

Ah, summer woes. It's been taosty here in the North East this week also.

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