Thursday, January 22, 2009



Years ago I remember walking straight into an airport
and getting on a plane with no "security".
Then security machines were installed.
Then after 9/11 we were searched and screened though
we had not committed crimes.

The worst were the smaller airports.
I was picked "randomly" (the only Indian) in Bellingham,
Washington and was forced to stand in line with huge orange
tags clipped on my bags and me. Everything was taken out
and unwrapped, in front of everyone.

I tried to have a sense of humor about it, and told myself
that people were "just doing their job".
So was the U.S. Cavalry, so were the guards
at the concentration camps.

Then, a man had the makings of a bomb in his shoe,
and we were then forced to remove our shoes as we moved
through "security".
I've even had my bare feet wanded, for security.
Now, it's lipstick, deodorants, shampoos, perfume.

Watch out. Be careful. This is how it happens.
Next we will be marched nude through security lines
and won't even question why.

Joy Harjo August 2006

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