Tuesday, January 27, 2009

They Are Together Now

They Are Together Now

by Luci Tapahonso

they were returning from Gallup late at night
singing with the radio and laughing
he was driving too fast
too fast
he missed the curve
the crash
the immediate silence
they whimpered as
the warm blood spread into the cold asphalt cracks
amidst the glass and tangled metal
their bodies writhed
moaning and crying until they rose above
they left then
watching in silence
the soothing silence
the incredible serenity
they rose
leaving the steaming blood
ticking of metal settling down
the tinkle of glass slipping
the tin whine of a dying radio
they gather with others now
in the thin darkness
airy, light ghosts
sometimes they talk laughing
standing in little groups
waiting to befriend anyone
who might happen along
they are happy
on the flat plateau of that other world:
that quiet pleasure
they are all together now.

From A Breeze Swept Through by Luci Tapahonso, West End Press.
© 1987 Luci Tapahonso

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