Friday, September 4, 2009

Alternative Interrogation Techniques 101

Alternative Interrogation Techniques 101

Begin with a room. A kitchen,
a bedroom, or a living room is best.
The room represents
the everyday world, draws
on associations, impersonates
home. Listen
as interrogator and subject engage
in a story hunt.
The subject recites lines
as in a play. When conversation lags,
they dance.
A good interrogator will use
a logical though not linear approach,
will not allow others to cut
in, and will study anatomy
or recall personal
injury to ferret fleshy weakness.
Anticipating each small step,
the subject frets.
At this point drugs disarticulate
attempts to hold on
to loved ones through memory, withdraw
to safe places in fantasy,
use loyalty to recall
integrity. Pain is solipsistic:
it inspires flesh
to know only itself.
On this side of torture,
the recalcitrant,
the slow, and the innocent learn
damage. Their rights enter the room
as rays of light enter
a prism, refracted.

Laurie Rosenblatt

Posted over on Nicholas D. Kristof's Blog Site

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