Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fear the Mountain

Fear the Mountain

Stopped in Yelm for a midday meal.
Got my first glimpse of Mt Rainier from
the other side on the way out of Yelm
(I think it was Yelm [at any rate,
it's fun to say Yelm])
Wow! It's even more scary
than the view from Seattle.
Floating on a evanescent cloud of...
well, cloud, it seems to be some kind
of extraterrestrial vehicle ready
to slip off it's bed and crush us all.

Which in a way is sorta true.

Actually I don't believe it for a minute.
It's a computer generated special affect.
It's gotta be.

Like that beer ad where the guy punches
out a Grizzly bear for a case of Bud,
or whatever.

Or the world being round.

Or men on the moon.

Or men being descendant from Apes.

Watched 2001, a space oddity last night.
What a hoot.
An infallible computer? Ha!

Besides, you could put all of HAL9000
on a zip chip and plug it
in your iphone (or whatever the kids
are calling themselves these days)

Watching it on a little 42" TV screen
leaves much to be desired, like the fact
that it's really about a Peyote trip
when you get right down to it,
and seeing the living room curtains
reflected in the screen sorta keeps
you from getting totally involved.

There is a scene where our hero
has to go into a special room
to make a phone call from the moon.
It is a push button phone anyway.
Takes up a whole room.
It costs him a buck seventy.

Or maybe it's LSD.

Anyway, I fell off the caffeine wagon
and now I'm addicted to applause.

Doug Palmer 2009

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