Monday, September 14, 2009

I Take This War Personal

I Take This War Personal

I didn’t do that with the
Viet Nam war even though
I was carrying a number
that could be called
I was too busy following
wherever my testicles would lead
I never smelled napalm
only where my fingers
had been
never shot gooks
only anything living in
the ditch that day
and that sad deer
but this war is different
not because of 9/11 either
that debacle will
someday shock even patriots
no, this war has a
dark hand around my neck
I’m older
see the end of my life
and I see with so
much high-def clarity
what we are leaving
for our children to sort out
only some of it can’t be
sorted out
only dealt with
one body
one bullet
one scream
at a time
and when I go
I leave a son
who doesn’t carry
a number
only a curse
for which I helped
form the words

Randolph Nesbitt

Posted over on Poets Against The War

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