Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Need To Know

Need to Know

at 3 in the morning
when I wake up hot
hear babies crying
even the drunks and all night
partygoers are silent
bright raucous parrot
finally perched
cage covered
with eyes open into the dim
light of the room
my mind searches
for a name
just one name
so I can sleep
am I the only one
who searches
who needs to know
tell me who died in Iraq
tell me who went over there
thinking they would return
having done their duty
ready for school
homesick as hell
somebody’s husband
a son
smiling picture over the fireplace
tell me the names of those
dead in Iraq
so I can sleep
as they sleep
dead to the world
and god don’t tell me anymore
16 soldiers died today
4 soldiers were ambushed
1 was shot by a sniper
these aren’t unmanned drones
lazily cruising over sand
shot down by missiles
these are men in their prime
with blood in their veins
guys who drink beer
and fart to get a laugh
kids who just wrote their sweetheart
fear stuffed tightly between
scalp and helmet
who are they god damn it
tell me so I can sleep
and feel human again
and grieve
knowing that to care
is not a casualty
in this lied-about
absolutely unnecessary
insane war

Randolph Nesbitt

Posted over on Poets Against The War

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