Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vermilion Verses

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Vermilion Verses

“Roses can be red, violets can be blue--
I’m schizophrenic, and so am I.”
--Oscar Levant. 

Red simply is the
most powerful color in
the light spectrum; it incites.

Red represents a
dichotomy, embracing
love & hate at the same time.


All colors create
emotional responses, but
only red conjures passion.

In the far East they
feel red brings good luck; God’s smile;
women wear red when they wed.


Watching a rainbow,
we witness the power of
red, sensing regality.

China & Russia--
both used red as their symbol
of political prowess.


Red on a fast car
gets our blood pumping, our cheeks
flush--sexual arousal. 

The red umbrella
is used in Art to accent
or contrast a dim gray world.

Glenn Buttkus

June 2013

Posted over on dVerse Poets FFA

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Claudia said...

ha - not only China & Russia use red in their flags...switzerland as well.... and a woman and her red dress...smiles...much to say about that..wore my red dress just feels good..smiles

Brian Miller said...

it is interesting how much of a spectrum red can cover....a gamut of emotion can be conveyed in that color...passion can go either way as well...lots to red, we can even paint the town with it...smiles...nice set sir...

so when are you leaving?

so i know when to stock up on tissue? smiles.

Laurie Kolp said...

I love red... this is great, Glenn. Thanks for the sweet b-day wishes.

Björn said...

Like your reflection of red. Wearing red to a wedding would be cool. Nicely written on the form too..

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the power tie.

Victoria said...

Glenn, color-freak that I am, this one really pleased me. Nice how you wrote a series.

Anonymous said...

wow- this is a beautiful treatise on the color and emotion - wonderful use of the form in a long form
Very cool or should I say hot - smiles - K

Heaven said...

Yes, red is powerful & regal color ~
On the lips, clothes & shoes, beware the men, smiles ~

Have a lovely summer day ~

WabiSabi said...

I loved your poem on the charms of the color red... especially loved the bit about the fast favorite car is a little red number with a rag top... old now and driven by a not so young gent...still gets my blood racing though...:)Sedoka - A Summer Love Poem

kelvin s.m. said...

...loved the focus in your sedoka sir... sharp & strong... smiles...

Semaphore said...

What I like most about your work ethic in poetry is that you never go halfway, you push any form or theme to the limit, and then some. This is reminiscent of Wallace Stevens' "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" - so well done.

Anonymous said...

Top form on this! You do always take something and run full force with it. You make us all look bad. ;)

Great theme- red- and how each sedoka is different but the red ties each together. Great job! -Mike

Sam Edge said...

you realy identified the contrast here good work and love hte extended suduko

Susan said...

Parsing out the red fire, you make the heat grow.

Walt Wojtanik said...

A bunch of the better ones I've Red.You sold these beautifully, Glenn.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Thoroughly enjoyed these variations on a theme. Thanks, too, for the Oscar Levant quote, which I had not come across before and love insanely (lol).