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Blackthorne--Scene Twenty-Seven

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Cinemagenic Twenty-Seven


“An artist should not be conscious of his insights, should not
recognize or detain them--just allow them to transform themselves
into a beautiful work.”--Rainer Maria Rilke.

1(sound cue) slow snare drum baps,
2(medium 2-shot) angle on Buck’s back, weapons lowered, facing
the Sheriff.
--Sheriff: My name’s Joe Hop. I represent the law in this town; set
your bangers down & point those fingers at the sky.
Buck squatted down slowly & gently put the pistol & sawed off on the boardwalk.
3(CU) on Buck, wearing a small smile.
--Buck: Yeah, the barber was just jawing about you when we got
interrupted. (putting his hands up from the elbows only).
4(cut to a medium wide shot) a lath-thin deputy stepped out of the barber shop
5(sound cue) Broken glass popping under his boots, with harmonica huffing.
6--& stood alongside Hop, easily a head taller.
Hop: (keeping his eyes on Buck) Talk to me, Marcus.
--Deputy: Barnes is gut-shot but breathing; I sent Bob for Doc Kellner.
The Sheriff handed his shotgun to his deputy, then bent down & picked up
Buck’s irons. He slipped the pistol into his own belt, & pointed the sawed-off
directly at Buck’s chest. 
7(Switch to a reverse shot) Behind Hop & Marcus, angle on Buck’s angry face.
8(sound cue) elongated soft violin bowing.
9(hold the reverse medium wide shot) The Sheriff pulls out the pistol.
10(Cut to medium CU) The Sheriff inspects the pistol, then sniffs the cylinder.
--Hop: This gun’s been fired recently.
11(reverse shot) Hop’s shoulder, Buck’s face:
--Yup, twice; had a little scuffle over to the CHINA DOLL. Feller named Ramos
gave me no choice in the matter.
12(sound cue) acoustic guitar strumming.
13(close-up) Hop: Did you shoot our barber? Hell, he is the only one we got.
--Buck (VO): I had no call to do that. 
14(cut to a crane shot) pulling back wide, revealing that a crowd of townspeople
was beginning to gather.
--Hop: You got a name?
--Buck: Buck.
--Hop: Just Buck?
--Buck: Rod Buck.
--Hop: Where you from?
--Buck: South.
--Hop: (chuckling) Kind of vague--South.
--Buck: The mountains, Mexico, the big Out There.
--Deputy: You’d better answer the Sheriff’s questions, Hoss--
you’re in a shit pot of trouble.
16(sound cue) Indian Snake Rattle, castanets.
17(medium close up) Buck: I suppose you figure I just shot this fellow
for the hell of it, & then stood calmly out here in the street waiting for
you two to get the drop on me?
18(Cut to a wide shot) Angle on a aproned figure with a wild shock of
white hair pushing his way through the crowd. It was Henry Wallace,
the storekeeper. 
Wallace: He’s innocent, Joe, so climb the deuce off his back.
19(medium wide shot) Wallace standing beside Buck, with Hop & the Deputy
facing them. 
--Hop: Alright, Henry, tell us all what the Sam Hill happened here?
--Buck: I was just fixin’ to tell you that.
20(sound cue) accordion & juice harp.
21(medium CU) Hop: Am I talking to you? You just stand there keeping those
hands in the air.
22(CU) Wallace: Christ, Sheriff, I wasn’t the only one who saw it. God damn it,
a person can get shot right here in the middle of the street, & everyone will just
step over him--like he wasn’t there!
--Hop (VO) Rein up some there, Henry.
--Wallace: So where in the hell were you a while ago when that ruckus broke out
in Bronson’s pig wallow? Probably off somewhere fishing or chasing a lace
petticoat, right?
23(sound cue) low notes on a clarinet, reedy.
24(medium close up) Hop: Why Mr. Wallace, your accusations wound me to the
25(pull back to a wide shot) Two dozen people have gathered around them now.
--Hop: For everyone’s information, I was over to see Judge Jeremy in King City,
& I just came back to town a short while ago--just before all this affair developed, &
my deputy didn’t have time to fill me in on what might have occurred in my absence. 
26( Angle on Wallace)
--Hop (VO): So please tell me now, what did you see?
27(sound cue) French horn low riffs.
28(medium close up) Wallace: Two masked horsemen, riding Bronson Ranch
jugheads, came busting down the street & when they passed the barber shop
they blasted the window out of it; never slowing down, they turned into that
alley & rode like blue blazes out the other end. 
29(pull back to medium wide shot) A stocky farmer, a big Swede, in bibbed
overalls stepped up: Das right--he told it true. I seen the same thing. 
30(medium two-shot) 
--Hop: That’s all?
--Wallace: Pretty much.
--Hop: Where were you when this happened?
--Wallace: I was in front of my store loading supplies on this gentleman’s
horse( to Buck ) What did you say your name was?
31(medium CU) Buck dropped his hands, folded his thick arms across his
massive chest, staring at the Sheriff.
--Hop (VO): Buck, he said it was Rod Buck. 
32(sound cue) Saloon piano & Indian flute.

Glenn Buttkus

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Brian Miller said...

hey you are up early...wont post mine til morning, but i could not the little details that bring it to life...the crunching glass under foot....the sheriff comes off as a bit of an ass, but he may liven up a bit if the branson's have not cowed maybe the town is looking for an unlikely savior from them...we will have to wait and see...hmm...

i really got to wait another month?

Björn Rudberg said...

AH. good that the town stand up for Buck. Just maybe it will be the end of the evil reign there has to be a hero coming some day... let hope it's Buck

Mary said...

Wow, another episode! Admittedly my brain has a hard time keeping track of the story when I only read a segment a month. But, hey, Rod Buck seems to be keeping up his reputation. And I love the sound effects.

Glenn Buttkus said...

I missed posting an episode last month, life & the play I was appearing in got in the way. It is easier for me to keep up with incidentals when I write more often, like when OLN was every week.

Gabriella said...

I always enjoy the energy I can feel in your Blackthorne poem, Glenn. I know you played in movies but did you write scripts too?

Glenn Buttkus said...

Yes, wrote a few scripts, but no interest was generated, & I was disappointed that what a screenplay has to be is a bare bones outline, a gloried treatment write-up--which in part, is what prompted me to create the "Cinemagenic" form of poetics, wherein I could write up the entire movie, every aspect that an actor, writer, director, film score writer, cinematographer, sound man, & art director would collaborate on.

Claudia said...

interesting how the story develops...and buck def. has the something it needs to be a hero me thinks..

Heaven said...

I can now appreciate this, with music, sounds & scenery ~ The sheriff was pretty hard on Buck, good thing Wallace told them what happened ~

Enjoyed this Glenn (this was too short for me)~


Glenn Buttkus said...

Thanks, Grace, a nice compliment; too short for the rest of the story, but long (5 minute+) for a poem. With OLN shutting down for the summer break, we'll have to wait some more for the continuing adventures of Rod Buck (remember this is based on an unpublished novel of mine, so this series could go on literally for years.)

Anonymous said...

Glenn, this is my first time meeting Buck and the Sheriff. I wholeheartedly love you cinemagenic approach and look forward to coming back to see the earlier episodes when I am on a bigger-than-iPhone viewing screen!

Truedessa said...

I enjoyed the continuing saga and I wonder how this will all turn out. I like the sound of the piano and indian flute. I think I can hear it in the wind as a tumbleweed passes by.

ayala said...

Wow....great continuing saga. :) Nicely done.

Hala Hoagland said...

I espeically liked how you used how in Sam Hill, reminds me of my childhood in Wyoming, and did you shoot for nothing, I think not, and I agree with Brian the Sheriff does seem a bit of an ass, perhaps that is the brashness that is needed to make this great piece of writing succeed, thanks for this

mrs mediocrity said...

I knew Buck was going to turn out to be the good guy... ;-)...or will he?

Loving this series, so rich in detail and always leaves me waiting for more... until next month!

Wolfsrosebud said...

very clever... i think you should write plays... or maybe you already do

The Bizza said...

I always look forward to these serials! The sheriff sounds like a jerk, but he also sounds like he's seen enough horrors to be burnt-out and wary of strangers.

Anthony Desmond said...

I think sheriff's seen so much shit he's now cold and ass-y... the little details bring this to light with full color my man... nice

Anonymous said...

damn, Glenn. I can't wait for the next installment. I wonder what it was like in the days of radio dramas, before TV, way before the internet - i guess folks had more patience, then ~