Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Biggest Lie

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The Biggest Lie

“Roswell was real, & one day soon governmental & public skepticism
about UFOs will shift dramatically.” --Astronaut Gordon Cooper.

June 14, 1947
when I was three years
old, ranch foreman

William Brazel, working
on the Foster homestead reported
finding “some kind

of flying disc”
that had crashed on the
ranch, 30 miles

north of Roswell, NM; his son had found it first. On the fourth of July, they
returned to gather up debris from a 500 foot long gouging trench at the crash
site. He took a burlap bag of the space junk into Roswell, & turned it over
to the excited Sheriff Wilcox.

Roswell Daily Record
July 8, 1947

RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On
Ranch in Roswell Region

The sheriff called the Roswell Army Air Field, where Col. Tibbets had flown
the Enola Gay out of--on its fateful way to Hiroshima. The Air Force sent the
debris to another base at Ft. Worth, TX, & that’s when the fabricated story was
released about the crash simply being a weather balloon. The story was soon
buried, forgotten, until the 1980’s when it was reported that dozens of witnesses
were surfacing, no longer frightened of government threats if they talked, 
saying,“The debris was not made on this earth; it had super strength, yet was 
thin as tin foil. A suppressed report of another UFO crash in Socorro, NM, 
surfaced, that happened a few days after the one in Roswell. Former mortician, 
Glenn Dennis reported that he witnessed “three alien bodies, one of them still 
alive” at the base in Roswell.

In July 2007, I stood in the old Roswell UFO museum, in a converted movie 
theater downtown, pouring over a huge wall map that showed a red dotted line 
triangle drawn from Area 51, Edwards AFB, & the China Lake Naval Weapons 
Center; an area I was very acquainted with, having had my own UFO sighting 
there in 1982. An elderly man approached me, introducing himself as Glenn 
Dennis; we chuckled at having the same first name. He was part of the 
museum staff. We talked about my sighting, and he requested that I come into 
an anteroom, & recount my incident for the record, to be added to their 
archives; the room was huge & there were thousands of incident report 
folders & tapes on shelves I made my report, signed an affidavit, & I felt 
vindicated, elated, honored.

Everything fades in
the blistering SW sun, but
in the dog

days of summer,
people still see strange crafts
buzzing the night

skies over the
desert; such a common occurrence
these days, it

becomes a non-event;
but some of us know better,
some of us know
the truth. 

Glenn Buttkus

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Björn Rudberg said...

Hey, those flying discs have to be for real.. why else would there be large areas sealed of.. why all the secrecy?... those aliens have probably running the show already..

great historic view on this Glenn

Claudia said...

in school we translated the war of the worlds play and i was both, fascinated and scared when thinking about what may lives outside our earth and wondering if they probably had an eye on us already

annell said...

I cannot say I know the truth...but I did see a silver craft that looked like a silver cigar in the clear New Mexico blue sky....early December, two years ago...I watched it, and then it disappeared, not too far from Roswell, near Clines Corner, New Mexico.

Brian Miller said...

i wonder about it man...and i have seen enough stuff that is unexplainable in my day to have room for doubt enough to believe....and there are so many strange occurrences...maybe too it is my desire to experience or hope for extraterestrial life as well...

Arushi Ahuja said...

oh nice... i believe in ufo myself!! not all shooting stars are plain simple shooting stars !! huh!

Kate Mia said...

Ahh..i love the mysteries of life..and science formalized and peer reviewed will never now..take the possibilities away..haha..ya kept me wondering if it is satire or seriousness that you are speaking..but nah..i will leave my mind open as magicK whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial is the spice of life for me losing the wonder of IS!

Kathy said...

...note....President Eisenhower's great granddaughter is a firm believer...if you haven't read it already yourself ...I was born March 1947 and it is always in the back of my mine...

Beachanny said...

I know this is presumptuous and AGAINST the rules of common decency but as you didn't play by mine, well I decided not to play either. I am taking your last lines as "the poem" and marking them - for me, for you, and for others who come to read - because I love you Glenn and I really don't think you'll mind.

Everything fades in
the blistering SW sun, but
anapest anapest iamb beat
in the dog

days of summer,
people still see strange crafts
(carry "er")iamb anapest iamb
buzzing the night
(again carrying "crafts")iamb, anapest.

skies over the
beat iamb iamb with "desert"
desert; such a common occurrence
anapest, iamb, beat
these days, it

becomes a non-event;
anapest iamb iamb
but some of us know better,
iamb iamb anapest
some of us know
the truth.

How about that? all poetry!

Beachanny said...

By the way I had a good friend in Roswell. The people there had their own ideas about it. We saw strange things in the night sky all the time in those days as radioactive dust from White Sands ever blew across the Texas Panhandle. (Please forgive me for being rude...just couldn't resist).

Anonymous said...

aliens don't worry me.

police armored like the army - that worries me.

I like Stephen Hawking's quote on the matter:

“If the government is covering up knowledge of aliens, they are doing a better job of it than they do at anything else.”


Myrna R. said...

I see strange things all the time, but then my vision is awful, especially at night. Been by that museum so many times and haven't gone in. Will do so whenever I go back. I find it hard to believe we're alone in this huge universe. I love mystery.

Anonymous said...

Interesting... my brother was a civilian scientist doing high-security R&D for the government, and did some work in area 51. While there, there were armed guards watching over them, and they were not allowed to take any pictures nor were they allowed to look up when an aircraft was heard. He once told me that anything we heard reported upon in the way of military hardware was already replaced by something else better (and secret)before the information was released, so the public is always behind times relative to what's current. I suspect that the "UFO" was a top-secret military craft failure, but...
Occasionally he would tell me things, and say, "You could sell that to the Russians", which was his way of telling me not to discuss it with anyone else. He was a brilliant man, and I miss him every day.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to think about and I love the quote by Stephen Hawkings - so true.

Jeff said...

Great piece--there are mysteries all around us, and only a few of us ever pay them any attention. By the way, even if you didn't mark out the stresses you provided an even better indication of how you hear your words--a voice recording! Nicely done as usual.

Anna Chamberlain said...

The universe is a vast, mysterious place. Funny you met another Glenn at the museum - I'm glad the trip was meaningful to you.

Sumana Roy said...

this one is a very interesting piece ...isn't it eerie to be in the only living planet and unbelievable too...i like to believe that the aliens are like us, made of the same stuff..loving & warring :)

vivinfrance said...

There are more things in heaven and earth....

I'm glad you didn't mark the stresses: your reading does it for us.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Lovely to listen to you read it, Glenn, and HEAR where your stresses fell. Mostly as I would have expected except for differences in American and Aussie pronunciation. (e.g. for "debris" we'd say DEBB-ree instead of your de-BREE).

In the end I just got lost in the story. Beautifully told!