Monday, October 5, 2015

Dream Catcher

Art by Khalil Gibran at

Dream Catcher

“Yesterday is but today’s memory, & tomorrow is
today’s dream.”--Khalil Gibran.

As we age, we lose some of the tenacious grasp we used to have
on each Day--embracing, gulping with gusto each moment we
inhabited. The New Agers preach carpe diem, & although I can dig
that premise/postulate--at times I find it difficult to separate hedonism
from the sheer enjoyment of my own madness.

My mortal tower of lego-decades teeters precariously, as its edges
erode & crumble. I feel like a strong wind could topple it, bringing
my short life crashing into the red dust of Now--leaving it to others
to remember it/me as I am tasked to recognize Home, that broad
horizon beyond the veil, where time has no meaning & where
tomorrow only has a shadow dominion; where infinity is touchable,
wearable & familiar.

It is comforting to be allowed some memory of Bardo, where after the
past-life review, if I decide to return to this emotional plane for another
go-round, then I can buckle down & construct a new plan for a new
life, set personal parameters, assign roles, tally the karma served
against the karma still owed--& begin in earnest to chose a region,
parents, race, social status, eye color, probable afflictions & necessary
pitfalls & stumbling blocks--understanding full well that my latest
lesson plan will be less than iron-clad once I have re-entered the
breach & launched the next reincarnation.  

Death whispers to me:
dare to be you--just carpe
punctum; with no regrets. 

Glenn Buttkus


Pleasant Street said...

I love this so very much. It might just be because these things have been on my mind lately as well. But it is also the way you have crafted it, and this phrase that I know I will mull around tonight:
"from the sheer enjoyment of my own madness"

X said...

You know, we can spend a lot of life philosophizing about what is next, or lamenting what was - what we have lost - but both of those are empty of life. In the now we are shaping tomorrow, and living for better or worse from our yesterdays.

Bodhirose said...

I've been pondering this dream state for decades...this speaks my language, Glenn. I believe we're on some kind of infinite merry-go-round...coming and going. Excellent write!

Mary said...

I definitely like the idea of no regrets....but it is good to just dream about a new life plan, if it were possible! You are good with haibun writing, Glenn!

Grace said...

Whatever comes, will surely come, death and life, or life and death ~ I believe also in living a life with no regrets ~ If only we can plan our next life so well, we will certainly be all the more wiser ~ Love the haibun and wishing you happy week ~

brudberg said...

I think the no regret is great, if it helps you. Some others might be helped by regrets and morning, as long as there is life there's hope, and maybe even more afterwards. Love how you tied it together.

Kate Mia said...

A stop of dust
on or
stay and
finish now..

Time not memorial
now always present..

And yes.. from THAT now
life now beyond all


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

This has an underlying good-humoured feel which I like very much. I also enjoy hearing you read in that great voice you have.

Anonymous said...

where infinity is touchable, wearable & familiar. Love that thought!

Sumana Roy said...

a life with no regrets is dreamy indeed...with all the karmas done well in this life will definitely take one to the next life with no interesting haibun...

Marilyn B said...

I love "the sheer enjoyment of my own madness" -- there's a touch of comfort in madness, I believe.

This is very well-written. Enjoyed it, Glenn.

Anonymous said...

Mortal Lego tower, carpe punctum and no regrets....splashed with brilliance..loved it.

Blogoratti said...

Great thoughts indeed, and fine quote too.

Myrna R. said...

Lovely thoughts on the progression of life and our continuation, participation in infinity.

grace black said...

"My mortal tower of lego-decades teeters precariously," This line is fantastic! The entire poem is a delight to read. Bravo!

"just carpe

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this. It was so very powerful.

Nato (

Toni Spencer said...

Yes! seize the now, the moment! I liked this haibun better than any you have written so far. There is, in spite of looking back and tallying, a moving forward. No regrets. This puts me in mind of parts of Springsteen's No Retreat No Surrender. You took the quote to an edgier level and I like it muchly.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

LOL "the sheer enjoyment of my own madness". Me too, kiddo. To the max! I LOVE the haiku - "Dare to be you". Yes. Exactly.

mrs mediocrity said...

Yes, some days I just want to be, not necessarily in the now or the here or the moment, but wherever I am, even if that is the confines of my mind. Regrets are never worth the trouble anyway :)

humbird said...

Love 'carpe
punctum' if only we remember...nice haibun