Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pendejo Politico

image from filibuster cartoons,com

Pendejo Politico

“Democracy is when the indignant, & not
the men of property, are the rulers.”

Them: Pick your battles, old son--that is wisdom.
Me: How does one breathe air that is rife with industrial toxins?
Them: Just run immediately to Amazon, they carry gas masks.
Me: Do you make a practice out of subterfuge? 
Them: We see that your words are your weapons, pernicious poet!
Me: An observance so deep that I can applaud it.
Them: You consistently put forth a liberal point of view.
Me: You fail at presenting bull shit as truth!
Them: We really lack the energy necessary to deal with you.
Me: So binge on Snickers--food for endurance.
Them: We warn you that you are treading a dangerous path!
Me: Why don’t your ever try to walk the damn walk?

Ask politicians
honest questions & prepare
for bull shit showers.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at The Sunday Whirl


brudberg said...

Ha.. yes if you challenging them in words I'm sure they would bent and succumb from words to swords.

ocean bones said...

"We see that your words are your weapons, pernicious poet!"

Ha. You are too funny. :)

Marilyn B said...

Another painful truth. How many of us ever manage to walk the walk, eh?

Jae Rose said...

The snickers line made me chuckle - you have to wonder how politicians learn how not to answer questions...i suppose it's an art form in itself...imagine living with them..shudder!

Malia Craig Tagg Lawrence Page said...

love the title,
what a playful verse.