Monday, January 18, 2016

Le Dance De Zorba

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Le Dance De Zorba

“Dance? Did you say dance, Boss?”
--Alexis Zorba.

I was twenty,
to impress
a Greek girl,              
                                  I took her
                                  to see
                ZORBA, THE GREEK.

We loved
that scene
        where the two
                  burly men on
        a beach, wrapped
arms and line-
danced away

                            their sadness
                and their madness

                            in the white sand.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over on dVerse Poets Pub
for the 44-word challenge.


brudberg said...

Wow... you really created the scene here Glenn.. what a wonderful image of the two men dancing... it's fun to write quickly like this.

Mary said...

Ha, I see you knew the way to a Greek girl's heart!
I love to watch Greek dancing!

Carol Campbell said...

That scene was the best!

Bodhirose said...

I loved that scene too, Glenn. There was something so powerful in your poem here!

Grace said...

What a scene it is Glenn ~ I bet she was impressed ~ Love the short story too ~

Matthew Henningsen said...

I really like this one... such a great glimpse into a past moment that makes the reader feel so close to something... almost like listening to a secret. said...

Ah, loved that scene. Love the poem. Love the idea that one can dance away their cares and worries. Dance is an exercise of the soul when it is done with complete abandon!

Mark Walters said...

Men dancing arm in arm. That's a classic. It takes me back to Fiddler on the roof. Either one was a fine production, and you nailed on the head

lynn__ said...

Great story and unique perspective on the dance theme...enjoyed your reading of it!

De said...

What a picture this paints!
Is there any better way to rid self of sadness? Wonderful.

ghostmmnc said...

Wonderful poem, Glenn. I think I saw that movie. Wish we could all have a chance to dance our worries away on the beach. :-)

Kate Mia said...

Interestingly.. as my father
aged never dancing
age for him..
to clothes of
Anthony Quinn
in still noble look..
closing in on 80..
life then..
dreams of him
dancing free...
but still standing
when he dropped dead...
conquering life... ever now..:)

C.C. said...

This is awesome, Glenn. I LOVE the scene that you had me smiling from ear to ear :-)

Truedessa said...

Another snippet of a scene
and there is something wonderfully
mad about the men dancing in the sand.

enjoyed your story Glenn

Kathy Reed said...

I saw it back then also. I love it!! I like that you brought it to mind again today. Thanks, Glenn.

kaykuala said...

Remembered this episode in the film Glenn! Saw Zorba the Greek on Broadway in 1985, not sure if this routine was enacted. It was A.Quinn in person with his coarse voice. Thanks for the memories!


Bryan Ens said...

Loved the couplet about "their sadness and their madness. Fun imagery...and I hope that you won the girl!

vivinfrance said...

To non-Greek eyes the dance is strange, but so compelling: unforgettable. Thanks for the reminder.

sreeja harikrishnan said...

vivid...and happy!

Anonymous said...

I like the reminiscence factor in this.