Monday, August 1, 2016

Tao of Glenn

image of me--1980.

Tao of Glenn

“Trying to understand is like straining through muddy
water. Be still & allow the mud to settle.”--Lao Tzu.

In the 50’s
the world was
a paradise,
a life,
to be discovered,
then lived.

The 60’s brought me freedoms unimagined.

The 70’s brought

The 80’s offered teaching
and service to others.

The 21st century offered retirement;

thank the gods.

Glenn Buttkus

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21 comments: said...

Oh chuckling I am!!! LOVE this, Glenn! The photo is superb and the timeline so fun. The Tao of Glenn indeed! :)

Grace said...

Glenn, I love your photo, smiles. I love how each decade gifted you with freedom, service and finally retirement.

Anonymous said...

nice to meet you, Glenn :)

Petru Viljoen said...

Ha! Thank God for retirement. Not tired though!

Gayle Walters Rose said...

I love this Tao of Glenn...and your condensed version of the progression of your life and still going strong!

Victoria Young said...

This is pure poetry:

the world was
a paradise,
a life,
to be discovered,
then lived.

Just beautiful, Glenn!

Charles Lyman said...

I like the timeline of this poem... the way certain bits of time seemed to slip past unnoticed. As for the retirement... well, I'll just have to take your word for that. I won't be there for awhile. Thanks for sharing!

p.s. said...

I love the '60s and 70s passages (paw sages) of your poem.

Arcadia M said...

I like this a lot. Sounds like a life well lived.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

YES! Retirement - "thank the gods". I feel the same way!

Victoria said...

How perfect to use the Tao as a launching pad. And that retirement line. YES! Though sometimes I think I'm busier than ever.

Walt Wojtanik said...

A great progression, Glenn! A foundation strong!

Sumana Roy said...

a wonderful show of energy at the start and a beautiful calming down...yes thank the that space to be in...

Kim M. Russell said...

I love your stroll through the decades, Glenn. I think I was on a parallel path.

Debi Swim said...

That sums it up well and yet leaves a lot unsaid... a lot of living in between and seems to have turned out well.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Ha ha, nicely said! The guy in the photo looks as if he is enjoying life – but I think you look both handsomer and brainier now.

Kate Mia said...

WeLL.. my FriEnd
Glenn.. i can say the
sAMe for the Beatles
era of the 60's
disco of the
70's and Madonna
of the 80's.. first
loves gone.. and
marriage come
to 90's settling down..
losing the wild of me..
and eventually hell for 66 months..
biggest mistake.. loSing the WiLd oF i..
noW iT all makes FeeLinG WiLD seNse..
but never in
thAt pARt
for 19 years..
i puT noW all
the wAy out
of mY miNd Now
along with work as
yes... the wheels are no
longer metal they are rubber
and changing to harder environments..
yes.. for all practical intents and purposes
i AM
in Good
year alwayS
noW wayS.. CaLL
of The Wild sAMe
with a very laRge waVe OceaN
wHoLe of LovE.. mY FriEnd.. and
goeS on..
heHE.. iN Rhythm-FuLL
more that limits and
expectations of Before
in Lost aWay from Found and FREE..:)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your trajectory! And what a handsome fellow!

Mish said...

I love the progression of this and the finale! I am eager for that finale.

Josslyn Rae Turner said...

You lived through all the treasured decades. How amazing! <3

Toni Spencer said...

What a ladykiller! Love the timeline of this and the changes each brought. From there to now...I have a feeling you are still stirring up the mud. I think more treasures are to be found and brought to light.