Thursday, September 15, 2016

Clara Hewe Quartet

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Clara Hewe Quartet

“ The art of Biography
is different from Geography.
Geography is about maps.
but Biography is about chaps.”
--Edmund Clerihew Bentley.

Rogue candidate Donald J. Trump
would love to give America a hump.
He hides more than he ever reveals,
the truth squirming like a bag of eels.


There was a good time when I felt the Bern
as Sanders got screwed at every turn.
Oh how I miss his wishful thinking and
proletarian candor,
and his beauteous Populist banter.

Trump should have picked Ms. Wingnut, Sarah Palin
as running mate--to further sink his candidacy 
thats certainly ailing,
but he decided instead to go with Pence,
who probably is much less dense.


Now sometimes maligned & ridiculed, Al Gore
beat W by a ton, still Bush Jr. managed
to snare more
electoral votes in Florida, helped by his brother
& hanging chads blessed by his mother.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub MTB


Gayle Walters Rose said...

Excellent, your political commentary and that title. I miss the Bern too, poor guy!

brudberg said...

Oh I did expect you to take Mr Trump through the wringer... yes your politics keeps us all tense these days. said...

As soon as I learned of this prompt, I was anticipating with glee reading your post for it!!! You did not disappoint!
Did you know, by the way, that we did an Alaska cruise about a year ago? Try as I might, I couldn't see Russia looking out any of our ship's portals at any point on the cruise -- or from the windows of our buses as they took us on excursions! :)

Ω said...

These are great!

For the record, I love Trump and would best-friend him in a heartbeat. I wish I had his digits, in fact (and I'm talking about fingers, of course).

Also, I was smitten with Sarah and think they would make quite a dynamic duo. But then again, I am a bipolaroid off her meds and an arrogant bitch, so I can see how you and I might be inclined to disagree on a few things. But that's okay, isn't it? I think your writing style rocks and that your voice is sexy, and that's what really matters.

Linda Kruschke said...

Why am not surprised with your take on this prompt? Someone had to write about Trump, and you're the perfect guy to do it.

Frank Hubeny said...

"Clara Hewe" is easier to remember than "Clerihew". It is interesting that you arn't restricted to use only the name of the person in the first line just get the name in there somewhere.

Brian said...

Politics as usual, we the people are ignored. Loved your rhymes.

Anonymous said...

quite a quartet - I was humming along ;-)

Truedessa said...

The Trumpster scares me! Enough said...

Kathy Reed said...

Ah, political people are a good choice for this prompt. I shiver
to think Trump or Palin could get so close...just the opposite of
Bernie and Al...what no Hillary pun?

Anonymous said...

a well-crafted political poem. you nailed it. :)

Anonymous said...

OH so glad I am Canadian. This was amusing...but the thought of him as a President is ridiculous..and scary.

kaykuala said...

Political skits seems a convenient tool for this prompt. You've nailed it nice and proper Glenn!


Kim Russell said...

I can't pretend I understand American politics but I know where you're coming from, Glenn, and enjoyed your Clara Hew Quartet immensely!

I, for one,
am of the opinion
that we Brits should use
Glenn's political clerihews
to get a handle on US politics
and get wise to election tricks.

De said...

I figured some of these would go political. ;) You've done well here, Sir.

Little Learner said...

Wow! Well done!

Bryan Ens said...

looks like you and I have an equally low opion of Mr. Trump

Victoria said...

I dared to sneak into the political waters, too--without getting in too deep. I do feel for Bernie.

Nan Mykel said...

The serious photo prepaed me for the worst, but that must have been just to scare us. Excellent.

Sabio Lantz said...

Very funny and most well done. In both elections, I want(ed) neither candidate.

Glenn Buttkuss
can make an artful fuss
placing words in unique forms
he creates huge poetic storms

Susan Anderson said...

The same duo came to our minds, apparently. They do make excellent Clerihew fodder, and you have made good work of them.