Monday, September 26, 2016


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“God is dead, & we killed him--but his
shadow still looms.”--Friedrich Nietsche.

Can anyone
take a stroll
after midnight.
even in a well-lit
city, without fearing
what lurks in the
shadows--                            that netherworld of
                                             scurrilous foes that
                                             live to hunt.
                                                       defile &
                                              we who walk in the light?

I doubt it.

Glenn Buttkus

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De said...

Oooooo. I love this from start to finish, Glenn. From image to imagery. Fantastic.

brudberg said...

I think you either have to be very gullible or very drunk not fear the echoes of approaching footsteps from the shadowed alley creeping up on you.

Kim Russell said...

That is some photograph, Glenn - I love it and I love your shadowy quadrille. Welcome to the dark side!

Victoria said...

I like everything about this, Glenn. The photo, yes! and the question you ask. Uh, no. I watch too many forensic files and read too many mysteries.

Brian said...

The fear of night shadows. A universal fear you've captured so well. said...

Love the photo!! It gives me a light fun feeling. The poem on the other hand causes me to shiver - from cold and things that definitely do more than go bump in the night!! I feel myself shiver in the midst of these words. The question at the end lets me come up to gulp air - even though it's answered in the negative. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Good question. I used to be less fearful, when I was younger.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

We were definitely less overwhelmed back in older days. Excellent write, Glenn

Grace said...

I am scared to go out that late, smiles. Enjoyed the quote, format and ending last line Glenn!

Anonymous said...

Love the Nietzsche quote.
And the gnawing evil atmosphere of unlived life due to fear.

Arcadia M said...

I often wonder if it was ever safe to be out alone late at night.
Great poem and I like the format of this piece.

Frank Hubeny said...

Nice photograph to go with the poem.

Mish said...

I doubt it too (love the last line). Those shadows of possibilities have a way of sneaking up on us...especially on a the dark!

Xenia said...

A great photograph and a well crafted poem about the shadows in cities belonging to those that lurk there.

Anonymous said...

A visionary! A poetry voyage of great written words my friend.

I love this poem from beginning to end. Man, I love this very much.

It's good to be back and blogging again. :)

Kate Mia said...

“God is dead, & we killed him--but his
shadow still looms.”

--Friedrich Nietzsche.

Lesson of Nature
and science same...
Humans evolved to
live peacefully in groups
no more than about 150 to 200 sets
of naked eYes and hips StiLL noW wHo trUly
kNow and FeeL each oTheR from head to toe..
anything else more and less..
IS A shadow
of God
including humans
packed as lemmings
in cities of strife and hate..
from clothes of culture worn invisible of Love..

Nah.. i for one ain't scared
to walk city dArkest parKing
lots at night.. but not a
place for anyone
less than A
leg pressing
half a ton now.. heHE..
with real man fearless Love..
other than that move
to a small
village now..
give and
Fearless Love..
meh.. now at least
it can be done somewhat
virtually and vicariously online..
from the biggest roach motels oF all
in desert lands of fear too.. my FriEnd..
as the
of cultural clothes
continues to groW iN
dARker and liGhter ways too..
iN ParadoX

Gayle Walters Rose said...

No, I couldn't! Even the empty streets after midnight would seem menacing somehow. What a great question and spooky set up to get our minds on high alert, Glenn.

Linda Kruschke said...

I for one cannot. I don't even like brightly lit elevators if a potential scoundrel that I don't know gets on.

Truedessa said...

I sometimes take walks late at night, but I always stay alert to my surroundings. You know what I really don't like? I don't like those dark parking garages. I went in one once and I could feel the negativity. I think I sprinted to my car, with the car alarm ready to hit if necessary.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I like everything about the way this is written – and particularly the bald, abrupt, emphatic ending.