Thursday, January 26, 2017

Blackthorne--Scene 57

painting by Marcia Baldwin.


Cinemagenic  Fifty-Seven


“There is no difference between being a killer or
making a decision that will send others to kill.”
--Golda Meir

1(sound cue) banjo strumming.
2(medium close-up) Bronson: Let me be clear--either
you give up the Appaloosa or lead flies and you’re 
both dead men. Horse stealing is frowned on in this 
part of the country.
3(medium close-up: jump cut) angle on Johnny Eagle,
standing like a cigar store Indian, coiled but still, his
eyes lit up.
4(close-up) over Bronson’s shoulder, Buck: I think a
circuit judge might see things differently.
5(sound cue) harmonica riff & drum bap.
6(close-up) over Buck’s shoulder, Bronson snorted in
levity--Hell’s bells, man. This is not the moment to discuss
legality. So make up your mind--right now.”
7(medium close-up) Thor: While you’re still breathing.
8( cut to medium crane wide-shot) over the corral, the
three horses standing & watching the scene.
9(cut to close-up) the spotted stallion’s face, his big eyes
taking it all in.
10(sound cue) piano chord.
11( medium close-up) angle on Buck, his face a battlefield
between anger & accommodation. 
12(sound cue) Rapid voice over from Buck: The wranglers
don’t look like killers, but they’ll back Bronson’s play, Thor 
is death in a hat.
13(two-shot) Bronson: I honestly believe that I’m being 
damn generous. We could have opened up on both of you--
legally. So, pard, which way does your stick float?
Thor: Time’s up, peckerwoods !  
14(sound cue) coronet bleat over Buck’s loud exhalation of
angry air. Buck: Fuck it!
15(streaming tracking shot) across the faces of the five 
16(two-shot) Buck: OK, OK--stand down !! his open hands 
were partially raised in non-response.
The Eagle was confused, but...
17(close-up) Johnny’s knife thrown into the ground.
18(sound cue) the thud of the knife sticking over loud
Indian seed rattle
19(medium close-up) Johnny raised his open hands
above his waist.
20(angle on Buck) Buck: No one has to die here today.
It’s just a damn horse.
21(close-up) Bronson, displaying a tight-lipped smile,
nodding his chin in consent.
22(close-up) Thor, his eyes blinking rapidly, his red
face decompressing.  
23(close-up) Johnny, his face a pastiche of incredulity,
anger & confusion.
24(sound cue) guitar, harmonica, & piano.
25(medium wide shot) Buck lowered his hands, and
stepped over to Johnny’s pack saddle. He extracted the
yellow lariat.
26(medium close-up) Buck: Alright, alright--let’s get this

fucking done.”

Glenn Buttkus

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13 comments: said...

What happens? What happens???? You leave us here???? I want to know what happens -- I HATE waiting another week!

Two things I loved about this week's installment....the camera wide angle shot of the horses taking it all in and these words
"his face a pastiche of incredulity"

You've got me addicted to this........
Okay....have to give you a smile face at the very I'm lovin' it! :)

Sanaa Rizvi said...

I agree, waiting for the next installment is excruciatingly painful! I love how each series offers bouts of adrenaline rush, suspense and excitement to learn what comes next!! Brilliant write, Glenn.

brudberg said...

Ha yet a cliffhanger and two weeks to wait... love the tension with those men. I have a feeling that Buck and Eagle gonna make it.

Toni Spencer said...

Perfect quote for this episode. Yep, let's git 'er done.

Steve King said...

Fine drama in every line and in the directions, too. Even the horses play a part. Looking forward to the next installment.

Mish said...

I know Lillian already highlighted it, but I do love this line as well...

"his face a pastiche of incredulity,
anger & confusion."

It was fun putting all that emotion together to visualize Johnny's face.

Iris said...

I especially like from 23 down.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

I'm coming to this movie in the middle, but its compelling.

Grace said...

We are all hanging in here...waiting....waiting....

Thanks for this chapter Glenn ~

Anonymous said...

Such a feast! Love this series, though I keep reading it in bits and pieces. Every scene just comes alive!

Frank Hubeny said...

Nice dialog.

Walter J. Wojtanik said...

Compelling, Glenn. A scene dying for a continuance, for sure!

Victoria said...

Excellent build up, turner, one of the key rules of writing novels, too. That quote from Golda Meir is so good, so thought-provoking.