Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dark Days

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Dark Days

Darkness, darkness--
I have found the edge of sadness,
I have found the edge of fear.
--the Youngbloods.

For some of us it’s
Armageddon, and for some
others it’s rapture--
as darkness clenches its fists.
Government has been
made up of mostly career
politicians throughout, but
the time has come where upon
people’s anger and
discontent have led us to
electing outsiders, and
non-politicians; praise Zed.
The Donald smirks and
tweets like a school yard bully;
appointing fat cats, gene-
rals, and kiss ass sicophants.
The media quakes
with each new story, each new
transgression--throwing up their
hands--rolling their weeping eyes.
So buck up boys and
girls, for we’re in the shit now,
must learn to dog paddle to

stay afloat for another day.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub


brudberg said...

Yes we are in for a rough ride... I think that you will see a ride that mimic that of Italy under Mr Berlosconi... But there are still ways to resist. My hopes are higher now than a few days ago.

Gayle Walters Rose said...

All I have to do is just see his smirking face and a groan comes out of me! I am curious as to how it will all play out but then want him GONE when his four years are done.

Grace said...

I can't wait to see him ousted and impeached ~ I can't imagine how he got elected but we sometimes get what we deserve (specially for those who didn't vote or are indifferent) ~

Bryan Ens said...

Scary indeed to see him at the helm of your nation.

Kathy Reed said...

Discontent is the word of the day; and how do we deal with such a widespread problem?
So disappointing, I have a friend who could not go out of her house for a month because of the results. Now she has her sense of humor back. And it's great to see all the international cartoons about DT. You put your finger on the pulse of the world right now. I think he will fade away, but not without a stubborn last word.

Stacy Lynn Mar said...

You have outlined a grim reality for us! Sadly, you are spot on. said...

Well, I was going to apologize for the late reading but.... your post is even more fitting today as "school boy" Donald cannot let anything deriding slide off his back and ... he tried...he rally must there was silence for a while and...then....he tweets that Meryl Streep is overrated and slams her for her comment at the Golden Glibes. Really??? Overrated???? He can not keep his finer off his phone and he is soon to take office and put n the mantle of Leader of the free world? Your post is right on - sadly so.