Monday, April 10, 2017


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“The metaphor of Exodus has dogged the Jews
from the outset. Their very success attracts
resentment.”--Jack Schwarz.

Riddle me,
drizzle me    with 
                     political spin,
                                              and all other forms
                     of drizzletude.

Truth seems                          archaic
                      at present,
something     unseen,
nearly                                     invisible.

My eyes
get drizzly,
my mind
dizzy, as        common sense,
                      closure &
run for the 


Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub Q44


Jilly said...

The form! The word choice! This is Fabulous! Going back to read it again...

Kim M. Russell said...

I don't think I've seen so many z's in a poem! I love the wordplay, Glenn!

Mish said...

Great fun with the prompt word. You drove home your message in a light drizzle. I liked it. Thanks for adding yours to the mix, Glenn.

Grace said...

Double speak in politics leave me confused and dizzy too ~ Love your riddle drizzly spin Glenn ~

indybev said...

Oh my! I love your word play ... and I wish I'd thought of drizzletude! Intelligent and clever. Bravo

Frank Hubeny said...

I like the description of being drizzled with "double-speak". It reminds me of a sort of exotic torture.

Anonymous said...

Love what you created for the prompt here Glenn. Truth is truth though and there ain't no getting away from that as all artists, poets and muso's know ;) said...

Love this: "drizzle me with / double-speak." I recently reread 1984 - so much double-speak that hit too close to home. It does seem to rain down like a constant drizzle in our world today. Nice take on the prompt.

Beachanny said...

Oh my dear, we are of one accord. It seems as though we have been spun to the decade before I was born and landed on the other side of the dark looking glass. Pray it ends soon. So good to read you again. I know I'm slow coming back but felt the need to write today. Mine is a protest poem of sorts as well. Thank you..hope you're feeling well.

Truedessa said...

Written in your own unique fabulous style. I am a bit afraid of forms of drizzletude as they probably comes from some offbeat attitude that the world is still trying to figure out. It's like a slow rain, before one hell of storm. I guess I have visions of bad times.

Thotpurge said...

A universal outpouring...not just a drizzle of frustration. said...

Love this, Glenn! 'drizzletude is brilliant.

Jane Dougherty said...

Maybe that's where political double-speak belongs, shut out in the drizzle.

Unknown said...

I love this poem both for what you said and how you said it including several variations of drizzle (my favourite is drizzletude)