Thursday, May 25, 2017


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“All water has a perfect memory, and is
forever trying to get back to where it was.”
--Toni Morrison.

Water demons have haunted me for all my
life--fearful of my own urine, even
afraid of the rain, refusing to ever cry,
when hurt, or sad about sweat when given
hugs--screaming through every bath, wanting to fly
away like Poe’s macabre crazy raven,
to escape, to disappear, to seek
refuge, to seek solutions not for the meek.

So my quest brought me here atop this dune,
a hundred miles from anything that is wet,
staring blind at the sun, freezing ‘neath the moon,
until my husk is brittle, devoid of all sweat--
hanging on until the peak of high noon,
allowing no one else to pay my debt,
when gladly I exhale my very last breath

into the hot sand mouth of my friend death.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub MTB


Kim Russell said...

Hey Glenn! You're the first one up this evening and you've set a high standard for the rest of us! I can't imagine being afraid of rain! One of my favourite things is to go for a walk in a shower of rain or splash in puddles in my wellies. At the same time, i have never been anywhere hundreds of miles from anything wet - living on a small island (as Bill Bryson calls it) that's just not possible! And because of that I love the lines
'staring blind at the sun, freezing ‘neath the moon,
until my husk is brittle, devoid of all sweat--
hanging on until the peak of high noon'.
What a dramatic ending!

Frank Hubeny said...

Too much water makes me nervous, like being out on an ocean with big waves, but generally I can handle a bit of wet weather every now and than. I liked the sound of your poem and that dry ending in death's sand mouth.

brudberg said...

I love water, but I can understand the fear. I have a film about beavers and their addiction of water... Love the images you have created for the fears... said...

"nto te hot sand mouth of my friend death" -- oh yes, you went to the dark side with this one. Powerful imagery and ending. I've always feared water as in up until 1 year ago, I could not swim. Finally took lessons and now can at least do a mean backstroke but that's about it....which if I ever went overboard on a cruise I'd not last long. Phobias....the stuff of fear.

indybev said...

I, too, have a fear of water .. but only it it's over my head. Conversely, I love a good rainstorm. Some weird karma, I guess. I admire your word mastery ... but when I finished the poem I went for a long drink!

Jilly said...

Marvelous line breaks - I love how you use this form!

Anonymous said...

hmmm ... this started me thinking of all the ways we comeinto contact with water. And how our fears can surround us.

Sara McNulty said...

Quite a task to follow this one, Glenn. Images were so vivid, I became thirsty. It is amazing what the brain can do.

Jeren Nazuto said...

I have a fear of water too.. Kinda.. I still struggle to breath under shower, so I understand the pain. Poem is amazingly done!

Kathy Reed said...

I love rain, the sea, and water..I grew up near it...only I avoid swimming in deep waters, lakes, for fear of drowning. I can't imagine how this feels!
Nice use of the form.

Charles Lyman said...

What a wonderfully voiced poem. A poem of haunting agony. Very Poe-etic! Well done!

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