Thursday, May 11, 2017

List Me Lovely

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List Me Lovely

“Lists today are a way of trying to get through the
day, because we’re losing our sense of time.”
--David Viscott.

My retirement began 
               in joy,
               in perpetual motion,
               in parcels,
               in June 2010,
               in my 66th year,
        within the conclusion of my bondage,
but never incognito.

For some inexplicable reason,
I was given several years at the
tail-end of my teaching career
        to learn to let go,
        to inaugurate serious retirement planning           
        to investigate digital photography,
        to learn more about personal computers,
        to give up my personal office space,
        to sit in the large noisy typing pool,
        to become anonymous,
                          tiny, nearly

Yes, my compassionate superiors
actually allowed me to ease into
                          my transition,
                          my rebirth,
                          my adventure,
                          my stress-free zone. 
                          my dreams,
                                plans, paths, & pursuits.

Of course in an imperfect world
one never really foresees, or allows for,
                                           or expects
poor health,
    death in the family,   
          death among your peers, accidents,
                     or on the flip side,
                         the magical birth of eight
                      grand children, and
                  the loss of your free
               time, contrasted with   
         the traumatic death of pets,
         political chaos,
         loss of portfolio revenue,
automobile & home repairs,
additional obesity, and
a painful plethora of new
symptoms & pains.

For me, lists form in
thin air; the best way to stave

off poor memory.             

Glenn Buttkus

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brudberg said...

Each part of life has it's own list of pros and cons, but often lists are longer than we can handle... alas.

De said...

Glenn, you are a true Master of these. In form, flow, wording, all.

Truedessa said...

Brilliant writing, I am clapping. You have captured so much in your word list.

Jilly said...

You own this form! I am so taken with the entirety of your post - wonderful, Glenn!

Victoria said...

Jilly has it right--you do shine in this form. And, come to think of it, much of your poetry incorporates listing. I love that handwritten intro but the whole affair is so good. And that bit about the relationship between lists and the aging memory--uh, yes.

indybev said...

Ah, Glen, you are an inveterate list-maker (which I definitely am NOT), but you manage to make it all a good read! I'm impressed with that talent.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

The master of form himself!❤️ This is absolutely outstanding, Glenn!

Sarah Russell said...

And a perfect last line. What a bucket list of love!

Mark Walters said...

Why is it when you reach the end of your career it coincides with the end of your life? Seems like it would be better the other way around, to have your health, money and time when you could take advantage of all of it? Loved your list

Charles Lyman said...

You do these list poem thingies well. 'nuff said.

Frank Hubeny said...

Nice lists of stuff. I make lists as a way to temporarily forget about what's on the list.

Jane Dougherty said...

It's unfortunate, but lists are here to stay. Without them we run around chasing our tails and all the stuff we forgot.

Anonymous said...

Just stunning writing and form.

grapeling said...

i'd make a list but then I'd forget where i put it ~

Anonymous said...

a powerfully truthful list that doesn't feel like a list