Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Lyrical Legend of Larry the Lute

The Lyrical Legend of Larry the Lute

Call me Oo-Koo-ley-ley
on any bright sunny day
played by a happy Hawaiian boy,
looking like a plastic toy.

But if you want to know me,
remember I came first from Portugal
before I immigrated to those tropical shores
and the kings and queens opened their doors
and adopted me like one of their own.

In America I was a fun time, and if you like,
I will tell you of my time in Vaudeville,
strummed my “Ukulele Ike”,
or hitting the theater deck, played by Roy Smeck,
or being taught to the Children of Canada by heck.

I am called by many a name, like
jumping flea, chordophone, and plucked lute,
which certainly sounds cute.

I only have four strings,
which you have to strum like anything.
and I come in all sizes and shapes;
ovals, paddles, pineapples, even cigar boxes;
starting out as a tiny shrill soprano,
I grew to be a concert, then tenor, then baritone;
but no matter my size I promise
to tickle your funny bone,
and put a broad smile
as broad as a mile
on your wonderful pie hole.

Glenn Buttkus January 2009

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