Friday, January 16, 2009


Painting by Gayla Myer


Tonight I'm struggling with the gulf between the literal
and the metaphorical. No need to think there needs to be
a bridge as ultimately they're really the same, depends
on context and point of view. Reference poetry, music
or any of the arts.

No, that's not what the trouble is, I'm trying to figure how
to make a ladder between lying and the truth. And maybe that's
impossible because lies and truth though might both be made out
of words, or thoughts or actions also exist on distant sides
from each other. Let's just say I'm tired.

From a few rough days, from a quick round trip of over
5,000 miles, from too many questions and not enough answers
or clear paths to answers. Flying so far so fast is okay
for the spirit, but the body lags behind, trying to catch up.
The body is made for walking, running, and a little swim
now and then.
The spirit for flying.

Joy Harjo
September 16, 2004 Honolulu

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