Sunday, December 12, 2010


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Sledging Haiku

My childhood delight
Over the crystalized ground
Exciting as flight

Snow Madness

A day off school and children come,
dotted, like wasps in autumn, all about the hill.
It is still early, and breath streams from open mouths
like messages in smoke
voices ring out and people laugh and joke.
Well wrapped, high on the hillside,
rapt attention to the run,
all ready for the challenge, for the fun.
With wooden sledges, plastic trays,
strung out in convoys, voyaging alone,
all shapes and sizes and with one intent
to sledge the slope, to move with speed and grace,
to reach the distant hedgerow, win the race.
And, should they flounder, fall or leave the track
it doesn't matter, they will just climb back,
repeat the pattern, ride compacted paths of ice
and scream with joy and fear.
Snow madness rules the children on the hill.
When darkness falls they play there still.

Rosemary Murphy

Posted over on her site Share My Garden
Listed as #93 over on Magpie Tales 44

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