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Love Hurts: Scene Five

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Love Hurts: Scene Five

Cinemagenic Five


1(crane shot) both vehicles in frame, medium wide set up;
child running on ahead of her mother, stopping at their broken
down yellow sedan.
2(close up) child’s hand on the bar door handle; opening door.
3(medium shot) three monarch butterflies fly out from inside
the car.
4(sound cue) tinkling small bells overlapping with Japanese
reed flute trill.
5(close up) butterfly landing on child’s hand, fluttering wings.
6(close up) child’s face, rife with wonder and bliss.
7(medium shot) woman arriving at the door;
tasha: come on, dear, let’s get some of our stuff.
8(sound cue) child squealing happily
9(medium close up) butterfly flittering away.
10(two shot) owen: clear off the back seat for the ladies.
11(close up) lester: nodding consent several times.
12(insert shot) two red ants being sucked down into an ant
lion pit.
13(extreme close up) ants struggling mightily.
14(sound cue) cello bowing one long high note.
15(medium shot) lester opens his passenger door and gets out.
16(close up) lester looking toward the woman and child.
17(medium shot) lester pushing down the back of front seat.
18(close up) owen staring back at the ladies.
19(sound cue) jazz drummer brushing slowly.
20(tight shot, with slow pan) piles of refuse on car’s back seat;
aluminum cans, empty glass wine and beer bottles, newspapers,
girlie magazines, candy wrappers, wadded up chips packaging,
styrofoam containers, old clothes.
21(medium set up) lester scooping the crud forward onto the
floor boards.
22(sound cue) aluminum and glass clinking together.
23(quick close up) lester, then his VO during the clean up;
lester: oh yeah, fuck yeah, we cannot have our ladies sitting
on all this shit, that ain’t right, wouldn’t be prudent--here let
me clean off this seat for their pristine butts.
24(close up) POV owen’s rear view mirror, heather running back
to the impala, tasha close behind carrying two shopping bags,
with a red beach bag over her shoulder.
25(medium three shot) woman and child standing directly behind
lester as he finished his diatribe and the scooping off of back
26(crane shot) dolly backward and upward into wide shot of
the cars and characters.
27(sound cue) diggeree doo, low and slow.
28 (crane shot) camera returns to ground onto the back of a
coyote’s head, perched on a butte near them.
29(close up) coyote’s eyes, black and blank, focused on them.
30(tight three shot) heather holding her stuffed tiger in one hand,
and her mother’s shapely thigh with the other.
31(medium shot) POV inside back seat, heather crawling up
into the car.
32(close up) tasha: about how far is it to the nearest town?
33(tight shot) over owen’s shoulder, with him reaching over
to help the child scoot on the seat, positioning her behind him.
34(close up) owen, smiling: that would be Henderson--about
80 miles I think.
35(overhead fly over) possibly a vulture.
36 (medium shot) lester standing very close to woman.
37(close up) lester’s hand touching her bare thigh.
38 (sound cue) wings flapping blending into a blues chord.
39(dialogue cue) lester’s VO overlapping the action--
lester: bitchin, ladies, bitchin, every fucking thing is going
to be fine now.
40(close up) owen winks at the child; tasha notices.
41(insert medium shot) heather running in semi-darkness,
pursued by a dark figure.
(sound cue) fast jazz riff.
42(close up) large hand reaches out and grabs the child
by the long blond hair.
43(extreme close up) skull tattoo on back of the hand.
44(sound cue) the child screaming.
45(close up) tasha’s head jerks as if she had touched a
live hot wire.
46(two shot) over tasha’s shoulder: heather stares
worriedly at her mother, who is still not quite in the car.
47(close up) lester, perplexed: come on, baby, hop in
so we can get rolling.
48(two shot) over child’s shoulder: tasha getting in
beside her daughter.
49(insert shot) king snake striking a field mouse.
50(close up) lester giving a little push on woman’s posterior.
51 (close up) tasha’s eyes: very displeased.
52(medium shot) crud on the floor, flies buzzing, a condom
wrapper, torn seat covers, several dark stains on the seat.
53(close up) heather: it smells bad, mommy.
54(two shot) over owen’s shoulder, him staring hard at the
little girl.
55(close up) heather returning his stare with a child’s
56(insert shot) yellow spider spinning a honey bee into its
web; both cars still visible through the web edges.
57(sound cue) Indian snake rattle shaken hard.
58(close up) owen: what’s your tiger’s name?
59(two shot) woman and child; heather eyes beginning to
be clouded with confusion, some fear, and she remains
60(close up) tasha: she’s just shy, and tired, and hungry.
61(medium shot) owen turning around to grip the steering
62(three shot) the girls over his shoulder, owen: aren’t we
all, lady?
63(medium shot) lester slams the passenger door.
64(sound cue) that heavy clunk Chevrolet doors made.
65(medium shot) POV from the front seat, lester jumps
back into the shotgun position.
66(two shot; front seat) lester: let’s get on down the
fucking road!
67(close up) owen’s foot stepping down hard on the
gas pedal.
68(sound cue) V-8 four barrel carburetor gulping gas.
69(sound cue) hard rock guitar riff.
70(medium shot) rear of the red impala with both
back tires spinning.
71(sound cue) gravel pelting the woman’s sedan.
72(medium shot) impala’s grill rocketing toward
the camera.
73(wide medium shot) driver’s side yellow sedan, with
POV over the fender and hood.
74(tracking shot) red impala as it pulls away.
75(overhead crane shot) impala gathering speed,
dust cloud mantling the disabled vehicle.
76(sound cue) more rock guitar riffs.
77(insert shot) dead raccoon alongside the road
78(close up) dead eyes open in black mask.
79(pull back to medium wide shot) red impala races
past the corpse, left to right in the frame.

Glenn Buttkus

Listed as #28 over on Magpie Tales 84

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Tess Kincaid said...

I like the list of stuff in the back does smell bad...

Reflections said...

Powerful image... so much unsaid.

Jo Bryant said...

some great images - 56 was my personal favourite

Jim Robbins said...

Moenkopi Hash Fry (version 2)

1Noah's arc of meat
2Floating stench engulfs crossed eyes
3Eighty miles till Hope


Brian Miller said...

nice...great use of the coyote...i can totally see each scene...too bad you could not actually make this film...

Jannie Funster said...

You continue to amaze and astound with your words.



chiccoreal said...

Dear Glenn: Raw edge cinematic genius! Reminds me of film school without the film! Real art school! I love how your imagination works so many wonders. Talent +++

Tumblewords: said...

It reels out with incredible style. Shiver and chill.

Isabel Doyle said...

There is so much you pack into your lines my head is "reeling"
Isabel x

Claudia said...

hey...i could hear the V-8 and smell the gas..and the guitar riffs of course...very cool details glenn

Brian Miller said...

i love the little the butterfly..a moment of peace in what is a very chaotic story you know...smiles....wonderful g...

Steve E said...

I must leave the blog posts for now--yours has used up the time I have (not on the clock, but IN MY HEAD!) Pondering all the details I might miss if watching this in film....
Excellent, Sir.

Steve E said...

Hope you realized I was joking about taking a breather after reading your film log ...OK?

Truedessa said...

Wow, that was interesting as I read each line a short film ran through my mind..thanks for preview

Akila G said...

It is not an easy task to conceptualise the angle of the shot. But you have done it with ease and ti flows well here!