Saturday, September 24, 2011

September Song

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September Song

Day by the day,
unmistakable signs
herald the advent of autumn;
tenderly, soft mists embrace
fields yielding their final harvest
before they merge,
seamlessly, into
the weathering sky.

Peonies, defying
the laws of nature,
assume a coat of glowing colours,
their red-veined leaves
betraying a zest for life,
yet to be stilled.

Horse Chestnuts weep
a gentle rain of
yellow leaves
upon the flower beds they shaded
only yesterday.
Their shiny fruits long gone,
exhausted from their valiant efforts
through the seasons,
their final offering now
to lay a shielding hand
against the frosts to come
over the sleeping life
deep in the earth below them.

Ursula White

Posted over on her site Friko"s World

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