Monday, May 14, 2012


image borrowed from bing

high noon penumbra,
turning into labyrinthine
incipient dwarfs,
smiles vestigial,
fugacious, mouths just scintilla,
their words susurrous--
the imbroglio
would bring pyrrhic casualties,
blood tintinnabulation,
far from bucolic,
tiny harbingers offering
no panacea.
Glenn Buttkus
May 2012

Posted over on Monday Melting 17

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Laurie Kolp said...

Pardon moi? No comprendo. Just kidding!

Shawna said...

"turning into labyrinthine
incipient dwarfs" ... How clever is that?!

You're like me, Glenn. You have an imagination big enough to turn shadows into dwarfs having a magical showdown. Enjoyed this very much. :)

Hannah said...

You have a great reading voice! I enjoy the last lines a lot, too!! :)

Ginny said...

You used some of the words I had planned but failed to do (vestigial, fugacious) loved your use of susurrous (because I'd never used before and LOVED the sound) and tintinnabulation reminds me of Poe. Great job--really enjoyed this!

Anne Katherine said...

Wow, another nice job with some words that were not easy to use (at least for me!)
Nice job!

Glenn Buttkus said...

Thanks folks. I made it more challenging by writing in 4 haiku as well; counting syllables on new words is cool.

Anonymous said...

Very chockfull piece; crowded with the fantastic and colorful. You compress a lot here to get to a further intensity. k.

Anonymous said...