Thursday, November 8, 2012

Burmese Bright

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Burmese Bright

Your love won’t tie
this old guy up;
can’t buy bull shit.

I hate to fly,
that’s no lie, Slick;
it’s my sadness. 

One should not sigh
asking why not
plum pie for lunch.

There is that moon,
just the boon, sir,
raccoons crave most. 

On roads I zoom,
racing doom clouds
past tombs of joy.

Weevils in rye,
wings over skyscapes;
crows vie for power.

Winning is nigh,
so just try now;
leap high for it.

Glenn Buttkus

November 2012

Posted over on dVerse Poets FFA

Would you like to hear the author read these Thank Bauk stanzas to you?


Laurie Kolp said...

I've not heard of the form before, but think I have an idea thanks to you...

I especially like the ending.

Susan Daniels said...

Tight form and I enjoyed yours. All I could do was contort out a 3-line poem ;)

Brian Miller said...

tombs of joy...what a cool turn of phrase that....and the inclusion of raccoons...ha, i like...this was a hard form....yours was def fun...

Beachanny said...

Lots of vernacular speech - very much your voice, and full of your rhythms and paradoxes. I found this challenging to write in my voice, but you did it exceptionally!

jane hewey said...

ah, you make this poem sound fun and engaging. wonderful./past tombs of joy/ --- /leap high for it/ great work!

Anonymous said...

loved the first 'step' of the 'staircase'... great write.

Anna Montgomery said...

Sharp and witty, you do manage to keep your voice well. Looks like you tamed the dragon.

Bodhirose said...

Very what you did here with the form, Glenn...quite ambitious too.

Anonymous said...

This is fun, Glenn, and you do it so well. Makes me want to sit still and be quiet. My favourite is this:

There is that moon,
just the boon, sir,
raccoons crave most.

Nico said...

Had a great time reading this, a journey of sights and sounds.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a take on the Than Bauk form! Your rhymes are tight and fun; really like how you've made it your own.

Claudia said...

made me smile...plum pie for lunch....yeah..why not..

Fred Rutherford said...

great work within this form Glenn. Some very cool stanzas in here and an overall fun story-telling feel here. You really did great.

Dave King said...

Impressive. The first two stanzas are real humdingers.

Natasha Head said...

This was soooo hard for me! There's not a lot one can do with four syllables...let alone rhyme...I come here, and am shown different...

RMP said...

That first stanza put a nice smile on my face. I don't think I've ever heard of plum that a good thing or bad?

Listening Daisy said...

This was really fun to read, thank you.