Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 59

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Day 59

“Do onto others twenty-five percent better than
you expect them to do onto you.”
--Linus Pauling    Born February 28, 1901

The last gasp of February is in a dogtrot,
heard Dale Robertson died over on CNN;
somebody got busy picking out his grass-plot.

Pope Benedict XVI will today begin
life as pope emeritus, not soon forgot,
just plain priest Joe Ratzinger once again.

ATF thugs attacked Branch Davidians with buckshot
because devil-dog Koresh was hiding within;
slaying with fire--other solutions not sought.

Remembering our Nisqually Earthquake without chagrin,
thankful we eluded the lethal shaking slip-knot
that hit Iran, killing 3,000 that day therein.

Dupont in ’35 discovered nylon, creating a sexpot
society, making curvy calves so very hot.

Glenn Buttkus

February 28, 2013

Posted over on dVerse Poets FFA  

This is a variation on the Sonnet, 4 tercets followed by a couplet.
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Brian Miller said...

ha. what an interesting take on this...snippets of the news that all happened on this day at some point in history? wondering at the significance of day 59.....

Claudia said...

haha...smiling at the dupont part...very cool collection of events here and cool quote to start with as well...pondering day 59..

Laurie Kolp said...

All newsworthy indeed, but the calves? :) not really surprised...

S.E.Ingraham said...

very, very cool - and an altogether different and unexpected take on this prompt - so fine

Glenn Buttkus said...

For the curious, Feb 28th is the 59th day of 2013

Mary said...

Hmm, Dale Robertson died? I hadn't heard that. RIP, Dale. I suppose every day has its memorable events!

Bodhirose said...

I was just thinking today must the the 59th day of the year... Enjoyed the snippets of news past and present...yes, nylon changed the lives of women greatly didn't it.

Semaphore said...

Whoa, that blew me away! One can debate about form all day, but the Trireme Sonnet is itself a variation on the Terza Rima or Diaspora Sonnet, which is a closer basis for the structure in our poem. But your staccato treatment of the images in the poem, so unexpected and yet so modernistically appropriate - that elevates this poem to relevance.

brudberg said...

How great, a news summary in Sonnet form, and the nylon at the end. Cool ;-)

alan1704 said...

Like it, very clever and different. I wish all news was like this

Dave King said...

Original and fascinating, an excellent poem.

Anonymous said...

Glenn, I really enjoyed this - especially the final couplet. Of course, I used to a research chemist, which would be why that grabbed me, wouldn't it?

George Polley said...

Thank you Glenn. I like it.