Thursday, August 15, 2013


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“Pretend inferiority and encourage
his arrogance.”--Sun Tzu

                                                            in June
                                                         but only being
                                                  reported today, Simon
                                           Cowell, while judging his talent
                                     show BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT, got pelted
                                with raw eggs. A viola player, Natalie Holt, while
                            performing on stage, leaped up mid-song, & rushed in
                         front of the two singers down stage & tossed a pack of raw
                      eggs at Cowell, soaking his jacket, & splashing his face. Security
                    dragged Holt off stage. She stated that she was protesting against 
                      people lip-synching on TV, & against Cowell’s “dreadful influence” 
                        on the world’s entire music industry. Holt immediately apologized
                           for doing a “silly stupid thing”, so Cowell did not have her
                              arrested. But she shot herself in the foot. Sadly, even
                                 though she is an accomplished musician, after this
                                    well-publicized incident, who would actually hire
                                       her now? Probably no one would take the
                                          the chance of raising Simon Cowell’s
                                                considerable ire; true that,
                                                       damn rights,

Glenn Buttkus

August 2013

Posted over on dVerse Poets FFA





Claudia said...

oh heck...what a story... i feel a bit sad for least she had courage you know

Brian Miller said...

ha. love the shape...and i dunno, knowing cowell perhaps people would hire her for showing him up a bit...he can def be a jerk at

Mary said...

Truly what a stupid thing for the viola player to do. It definitely hurt HER more than Cowell and will hurt her for a long time to come!

rumoursofrhyme said...

There are plenty of people who can't stand Simon Cowell and what he has done to the entertainment and music businesses. Thankfully, I have never, ever watched any of the shows he puts on.

howanxious said...

I can't stand him. I have seen a few episodes of X Factor US when he was a judge... he irritates me.

but it is true that this has done nothing to him but the woman who did the act. It is not good to show your frustration like this.


aprille said...

I have a sneaky admiration for him.
These counted stanzas are a bridge between form and free
in my eyes and this really shows in your work here today.

maryazilberberg said...

Nice! I wish all news came in shapes -- this looks like a gold fish cracker!

Grace said...

For once a short but lovely shaped poem from you Glenn ~ The guy is a power broker so it was foolish to throw raw eggs at him ~

And that quote is true, the mark of a warrior ~

Laurie Kolp said...

Wow... and he broke up a marriage, too.

Maggie Grace said...

Awesome form, Glenn. Beyond my comprehension but a pleasure to read. Methinks as Claudia. She had courage. He could use some humbling though I do like him in a weird kind of way.

Björn said...

Interesting story... must say that I know little about both of them... but throwing raw eggs is something that you might accept at some point.... and I hope she get hired anyway....

kaykuala said...

One can expect a great story from Glenn all the time. A breath of class from a real story is pretty exciting. Thanks for sharing!


hyperCRYPTICal said...

Love the shape too Glenn.

As to Simon Cowell, I think he plays a role and he plays it well, ramps up viewing figures. He, mean maybe, clever definitely. I find him kind of alluring, well perhaps not quite alluring, fascinating!

Anna :o]

Mystic_Mom said...

He is a nasty man. I pity him. He probably should not have been egged but I would think if anyone deserved it, he would be that person. Too bad it tarnished her though. Great form shape and interesting take on the prompt. said...

A moment that will be quickly forgotten (except here), but may affect her career for sometime.

ramblingsfromamum said...

I do love the shape. Cowel love him or hate him - he isn't going anywhere. Frustration and anger can do amazing things.. Nicely done and informative.

mindlovemisery said...

This is ingenious the shape of that poem wow! Very well done =)