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The Woman Who Knew Too Much

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The Woman Who Knew Too Much

“I don’t care if there’s panther piss in it--
as long as it makes me feel good.”--
John F. Kennedy

Today was the 51st anniversary 
of Marilyn Monroe’s death by suicide.
It is also President Obama’s 52nd birthday.

It was in May 1962, after being warned to stay away,
that MM showed up at Madison Square Garden
for JFK’s 45th Birthday gala celebration, and
sang the most famous breathy sexy version of
Happy Birthday on record, in front of the guests
and the media; later

at the After Party, the White House photographer
snapped dozens of images of MM & JFK together,
the negatives & prints of which were confiscated;

but yesterday a famous 1 out of 10 framed print
of MM, JFK, RFK, & Harry Belafonte surfaced
and sold at an art auction for $23,000.00. 

Less than two months after that event
MM was found dead in Brentwood, then
JFK was assassinated in Dallas the next year, &
RFK was assassinated in LA a couple years later;
Death was a popular dance partner it seems.

JFK first met MM as a Hollywood starlet in 1951,
three years before he married Jackie in 1953.
They met again at a social event in 1956.

Shortly following her divorce of Arthur Miller,
on the rebound from an affair with Frank Sinatra,
she met the Kennedy brothers in early 1962
at the home of Peter Lawford. 

She started having affairs with both of them.
RFK really fell hard for her charms, but Monroe
had set her sights on JFK, screwing him in
bathtubs in Lawford’s home, at her own house,
& several times in Palm Springs.

The Affair sent serious ripples through the halls
of power--Hoover started an FBI file on MM--
Sam Giancana started a Mafia file on her.
Most people think that unwittingly, Monroe
bedded down with dangerous people in
a very deadly game. The Love she felt
for Jack Kennedy probably cost her life. 

Monroe confided to friend, actress Terry Moore,
that she could imagine herself as the next First Lady.
Jackie’s marriage had long been on shaky ground.
She complained that JFK always “Went too fast, and then
fell asleep”, while the White House spin doctors spread
vicious rumors that Jackie was an ice queen, totally frigid. 

In a drugged-out stupor, Monroe called Jackie, and informed
her of the details of the affair, & of her intentions to become
the next Mrs. Kennedy--”That’s great,” Jacqueline replied,
“ You move in, I’ll move out, and you can deal with all
the problems.”

Always tolerant of JFK’s varied infidelities, with the likes
of Angie Dickinson, still this time Jackie became angry,
calling Monroe “ A sick slut, a loose cannon,” who could
obliterate their marriage, JFK’s reputation, and hold
Jackie up to public ridicule.

There is no doubt that Marilyn Monroe was indeed
a “disturbed woman”, in and out of several psychiatric
clinics for borderline personality disorder, and a severe
addiction to barbiturates & alcohol.

One dark day in the spring of ’62, Monroe was notified
by the Justice Department & the White House
that her relationship with the Kennedy brothers
constituted a national security risk, and she was
being forced to “cease all contact with the Kennedys.”

The weekend before her death, she met with Joe DiMaggio
at Lake Tahoe, and they talked about getting remarried.
Her nude body was discovered dead by her maid on
August 5, 1962.

Hollywood killed her,” said DiMaggio.

Oh, Joe, I think it might have been a bit more complicated
than that. I believe it was the same collusion, the same
gang of political & criminal thugs that first protected
JFK, and then turned on him like a pack of Rotweillers
the very next year, the moment he supported
the Civil Rights movement.

Then some of that murderous pride had late
night rendezvouses with Hendrix, Morrison,
& Janis Joplin. Who ever said fame & power
were safeguards against calamity?

Glenn Buttkus

August 2013

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Mary said...

That is a powerful write, loved all the historical detail. The Marilyn Monroe - JFK connection always fascinated me. I wonder if we will ever see any of those confiscated photos. I agree that her death was no accident.

Claudia said...

wow..interesting bit of history here glenn.. weren't so familiar with the details - maybe the power and danger fascinated her - and him as well - this makes for exciting and highly explosive relationships in different ways - and things can get out of control quite easily when heavy emotions are involved - probably that was the reason why they said she was a security reason...guess she was...

Anonymous said...

I always learn so much history in your pieces Glen.>KB

Marina Sofia said...

I always thought it was a bit of a myth, had no idea of the details. Fascinating details - and I love that picture.

Maggie Grace said...

Yes, the underground was in full bloom back then and very intricate. Such a sad, devastating story of Marilyn, JFK, RFK. I worry for any Kennedy in office. Fascinating write. This is all I've ever read as an adult...the story behind the story and what evolves with technology. Thank you for the reminders.

mrs mediocrity said...

I have long been perplexed by America's fascination with Marilyn, though I know that's not a popular opinion. Even so, this was an interesting write, and it really does make you wonder what was behind all of it. Who can ever really know what goes on in the minds and lives of the beautiful people?
A great poem!

Alex Dissing said...

I appreciate your amount of detail in this one, very interesting. I enjoyed this poem very much, & learned quite a bit from it.

Frank Watson said...

Interesting history, Glenn. I knew the outlines, but not so many details.

she sucks
down a drug
but still
I feel her breath

(I was thinking of making it even more racy by breaking up one of the words, but decided not to :P)

Brian Miller said...

it is an interesting aside in history...the lives brought together...and the death that resulted of it...maybe or its all coincidence....why death finds so many famous so young...maybe the fast pace of life snuffs the candle fast...or perhaps the tower of babel falls when it gets too close to heaven....

Grace said...

Interesting to know the inside scoop on her loves and life Glenn ~ I didn't know she was totally getting it on with the two brothers and she is a security risk ~ What power she wields, a pity she was killed or died, depending on whose version you listen to ~

As to your question about my form, I experiment with formatting my words. I think its fun ~

scotthastiepoet said...

Love this Glenn, a topic close to my heart and wonderfully realised - thank you - from someone who knows... Regards Scott With Best Wishes Scott

Truedessa said...

Thanks for sharing this today. I've always wondered about their connection there have been so many conspiracies theories regarding the two. Was it suicide or something more? Will we ever know.

Ginny Brannan said...

Conspiracy theories. All we really know is that there was so much more to this story than we will ever know. I often wonder if any or all of these deaths could've been swept under the rug as easily today as they were back then. I hope that we are not as naive and innocent as those who believed the "spin doctors" that put their twist on the facts. All those lives lost, for what? To protect a "family" name. To keep America under someone's idea of a pure Aryan nation (even Lincoln didn't want that.) Don't speak out, don't make waves, and for God's sake, don't succumb to a beautiful woman... A sad time in our history, indeed. Lots to think about in this one, Glenn. Thanks for sharing.

Susie Clevenger said...

You provided so much much strength to the piece. Love and sex can be a deadly combo!

kaykuala said...

A most informative revelation of goings-on in high society of that time. I was in the process of growing up and was aware of these events when they occurred. Short of the knowing the 'inside story' though, except for the official version! Great write Glenn!


seasideauthor said...

Isn't that the way it was? Now
they just step up, brag about it all and say, "Sorry, I lied to
everybody." That makes it all OK?
Glad people are relating history to the next generation.