Thursday, August 1, 2013

Voyeurs R Us

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Voyeurs R Us

“There is something very uncomfortable about the
voyeurism in the press, where people seem to have
an insatiable curiosity about you.”--Claire Danes

Google today had it’s typical quota of celebrity
gossip mixed in with hard news--and as usual,
I read the gossip first. 

J.K.Rowling published new novel THE CUCKOO’S
CALLING under name Robert Galbraith; after secret
revealed, book sales soared.

Kidnapping victim Michelle Knight has entered the
courtroom 4 Ariel Castro’s sentence hearing.
Watch it all on CNN.

Good lord, I seem to have hit 6 million followers.
What an honor. A kiss to each of you, xxxxxx (etc)
--Stephen Fry.

Randy Travis, 54, suffered heart attack/stroke a month
ago, but is recovering, after several arrests this year
4 assault & public intoxication.

Character actress Eileen Brennan died on July 28 after
a battle w/ bladder cancer. She was 80 yrs old.

Sun’s coming up. 4am call 2 prayer woke me. This place
is amazing. Everyone should experience Istanbul.--
Russell Crowe.

Simon Cowell’s 87 yr old Mum is “over the moon” about
news he will have new baby with his mistress, Lauren

Jennifer Aniston’s BFF Chelsea is turning low-key trip
to Cabo w/ girlfriends into naughty bachelorette party. 

Bikini clad Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley)
kisses mystery man on boat 4 sunshine getaway.

Sly Stallone showed off big purple bruise behind one knee
as he walked with his daughters in Monaco. 

Penelope Cruz directs Irina Shayk in racy advert
4 Cruz’s underwear line--AGENT PROVOCATEUR.

How lucky is Susan Downey I mean just imagine being
married 2 Robert Downey Jr oh my God w o w --
little miss pipedream.

Courtney Stodden showed off her surgically enhanced
breasts in lettuce leaf bikini to promote vegetarianism.

Tina Turner at 73 yrs old marries longtime younger
boyfriend Edwin Bach, & flashes big wedding ring at
St. Tropez. 

And these celebrity vignettes await us every day
in the media so that we can satiate our star-struck
voracious appetites. 

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets #FFA

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Claudia said...

i think a bit of that voyeurism is in each of us - a certain healthy curiosity - but then - it doesn't really matter if it's the street swiper or some famous star...ha... maybe the stories the street swiper has to tell are even more interesting at times..smiles

Anonymous said...

I like how you went about it. It is a found poem that works rather well

Victoria said...

Wow, Glenn, you did a bit of research for this one. I see you as the Twitter King of dVerse. I never thought of following all those celebs...but then I'm not much of a twitterer. Fun post, though.

Anonymous said...

heh-heh ... neat ;)

Laurie Kolp said...

Who needs google when we have you, Glenn?

Brian Miller said...

ha. its like reading the tabloids in line at the grocery store you have to stop and ask sometimes why we are so enamored with it as well....nice juicy tidbits for our consumption

Anonymous said...

you make it seem as if twitter is filled with pop culture nonsense. who would have thought?

a tweet of a poem

Truedessa said...

Well, that was interesting there seems to be a lot going on out there that I didn't know.

kaykuala said...

Some juicy stuff there, Glenn! What we do as normal the stars can do the same but they get the glare which we don't. We enjoy these little snippets though. But some may even emulate them to bring their ego to a higher psychological level. Great write!


Anonymous said...

Voyeurism can be truly boring, but some people are infatuated by it. Nice write, and great job with the multiple stanzas.

Semaphore said...

Wow, that is one hell of a body blow, the reportage hitting the viewer with story after voyeuristic story. Well done!

Anonymous said...

the main thing is that we enjoy it all. we want more and more. we are all consumers of such tantrums.

Anonymous said...

JK Rowling herself "leaked" her pseudonym in a public interview in the UK months ago

She's notorious for launching lawsuits against anybody and everybody over anything

Björn said...

Great summary of what's important in the world in twitter world...

kelvin s.m. said...

...ha, it's like a series of head lines that arouse curiosity... voyeurs r us --- inherent fact... but twitter took the fact in another level that is even worse & scary... aww... great compilation... smiles...

Kate Mia said...

All the headlines covering up the real s**t going on done under...

I enjoyed this read I used to watch TV all the time,

so glad I don't have all these 'foreign' thoughts polluting the environment of my mind anymore..

Turn the TV off the headlines and enjoy life I'm sure you do too...

Love your friend talk at your later Alligator...

Anonymous said...

Perfect combination of celebrity gossip in a "reTweeted" metapoem.

And after seeing some of the headlines, I am reminded once more why I don't own a televison. Thanks for that :) Peace, Jason

Nico said...

Great work on this--stringing all these tweets together really emphasizes the endless foolishness of our passion for celebrity.

marousia said...

Love the way you strung the fragments into a whole