Monday, September 16, 2013

Blackthorne-Scene 6

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Cinemagenic Six


“The true spirit of conversation consists in building on another
man’s observation, not overturning it.”--Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

1(cut to a 4-shot, stranger’s POV) the three loafers exchange
furtive glances.
2(sound cue) soft accordion refrain.
3(close-up) the hatless man: yeah, it’s deserted, there’s nobody
up there--just a few kids messing around, and some Indians.
4(medium close-up) stranger, over hatless man’s shoulder:
is the place still posted?
5( 2-shot) hatless man, over stranger’s shoulder: sure, those big
KEEP OUT  signs are still up, mostly, but full of bullet holes now--
damn silly kids & drunken wranglers I guess. 
6(sound cue) clarinet & pioneer fiddle.
7(3-shot) the three loafers, still uncomfortable.
8(close-up) the fat man: place is all growed over--some talk about
spooks up in the main house. old Bill Buck’s been dead now--
for what?
9(close-up) the beanpole: I’d say 15 years at least.
10(cut to stranger’s eyes) ice blue, calm but wary. 
11(close-up) the hatless man: Christ, don’t know why Bronson
didn’t get his hands on it a long time ago.
12(close-up) stranger: Bronson?
13(sound cue) Indian snake rattle.
14(3-shot) the three loafers all smiling.
15(medium close-up) the fat man: that’s right, boy, Bronson.
16(medium wide shot) the beanpole pointing left & right.
17(close-up) beanpole: hell, man, just look around you.
18(medium wide shot) stranger steps back out into the dusty street,
his big hands on his hips.
19(sound cue) player piano & jazz brushing on snares.
20(cut to a slow pan dolly shot along the opposite side of the street)
21(shot halts) at a two-story hotel, bright yellow & white trim.
22(close-up) fancy sign reading BRONSON HOUSE.
23(cut to overhead crane shot) continuing back across the street, 
sliding over, past, through riders, pedestrians, wagons, carriages.
24(shot halts) at a wide false front, dark brown with red trim,
25(close up) sign reading BRONSON STAGE & FREIGHT LINES. 
26(cut to a wide shot) tracking to the end of the street where a large
sign was stretched between two big red barns, behind several
corrals, reading BRONSON AUCTIONS.
27(sound cue) saloon singer doing a sad ballad.
28(cut back to the 3-shot) the loafers.
29the fat man: and he owns this here saloon too.
30the beanpole: where you can get all the pussy, beer, & poker
you can handle.
31hatless man: and he owns the Triple B--the biggest ranch in
this part of the country.
32(cut to medium close-up) stranger: so why haven’t the city
fathers just renamed this town as Bronsonville?
33(reverse cut, stranger’s POV) over the hunter’s buckskin-clad
34hatless man, rubbing his chin: sign stills says Blackthorne.
35(close-up) stranger’s eyes moving from face to face.
36(sound cue) Indian flute, then juice harp thwack, then castanets.
37(4-shot) stranger: much obliged.
38(medium wide shot) stranger unties, & steps up into a wide stirrup.
39(sound cue) loud creak of leather.
40(hold medium wide shot) stranger mounts his tall red stallion, touches
the brim of his hat, pulls the horse’s head to the left & lopes off west
out of the frame, with the big black dog trotting after him.
41(sound cue) harmonica huffing. 

Glenn Buttkus

September 2013

Posted over on dVerse Poets OLN

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Brian Miller said...

oh i am envisioning the villain in bronson...envisioning their first meeting and how that might sound affects brother...

Claudia said...

ah now... you had me at the accordian already...i like how you give your scenes sound...and oh the snake rattle as well...nice

Mary said...

This BRONSON must have been quite the dude!! You are developing quite an epic here, Glenn.

Anonymous said...

When do you get to film this. It's already calling for sequals in my brain. Love these. Being a film buff--Double Indemnity and Laura (I'm a sucker for film noir) being two of my favorites--these shot sequences fill me with awe and pleasure, Glenn. >KB

Kate Mia said...

I like to think we create activity of life even with a trigger..

Anna Chamberlain said...

This is becoming intriguing. Like Claudia I enjoy the sound cues. Thank you for your very kind words in response to my Saturday post. You made my day much brighter.

Mystic_Mom said...

Okay I gotta ask is the red stallion a bright sorrel or a blood bay? :-) You knew I would get to the horses soon, right? I'm loving this. Wow!

mrs mediocrity said...

It's like a weekly episode of a favorite show... Love all your sound cues, and somehow I keep hearing that whistle from the good, the bad, and the ugly! Great mood setting.

Anonymous said...

What an intriguing read Glenn. I haven't visited very often or read the series, this along with your gravelly voice has enticed me too however. Thank you.

Grace said...

Nice building of scenes Glenn ~ I can hear the sounds and music in the background ~

Arron Shilling said...

Hi Glen.

I haven't read the previous scenes but I was sucked right in to the cinematic, epic sweep of your episodic vision. unfortunately I cant access the recording but i can imagine it must be quite an effort considering the range f the material. all the best.

Björn said...

Now it's starting to get really intriguing ... that big man must be the villain...