Monday, September 9, 2013

Blackthorne--Scene Five

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Cinemagenic Five


“If Galileo had said in verse that the world had moved, the Inquisition
might have let him alone.”-- Thomas Hardy

1(sound cue) harmonica & violin chords.
2(cut to medium wide-shot) loafer’s POV; the stranger stood for a moment,
kitty-corner across the street, looking back at the three men.
3(hold on previous shot set-up) the stranger stepped back into the street,
untied his big red, and began walking it toward them; the black bear-dog
walked alongside.
4(we see the backs of the three men) as they jump to their feet. 
5(sound cue) Indian snake rattle.
6(close-up) the hatless man: shit, he’s coming over here.
7(cut to reverse shot, stranger’s POV) 
8(sound cue) Indian flute; reedy throbs.
9(medium shot) stranger ties up his horse, we notice that he is wearing
a Sioux leather bracelet on his right wrist. 
10(medium reverse shot--loafer’s POV) the stranger with his big hands
on his hips, hovering over his sidearms, staring at the trio, but not 
11(reverse cut, hold 3-shot--stranger’s POV) the hatless man stares
 belligerently, the fat man stares down at the porch, the beanpole stares
at the empty sky.
12(pull back to medium 4-shot) hunter steps over to the wide horse
trough, removes his black flat-brimmed hat, taking a tiny moment to
glance up & down the street; beating his hat against one shoulder as
puffs of dust rise off it.
13(sound cue) frontier accordion & banjo duet chords.
14(medium close up) stranger readjusts the buffalo rifle in its scabbard.
15(close-up) the breech & the trigger assembly on the Sharps.
16(sound cue) banjo chords.
17(medium close-up) stranger fills his hat with water, lets his horse drink,
then pours the rest over his own head; water beads sparkled & dripped off
his dark beard.
18(close-up) the stranger smiled, sharing a mouthful of strong white teeth.
19(medium shot) stranger pats the alkaline dust off his jacket & vaquero
20(sound cue) bass drum thumps.
21(close-up) on the front of the hunter’s jacket--there were two rows
of shotgun shells tucked into sewed-on cartridge pockets. 
22(sound cue) buffalo herd hooves.
23(tight close-up) stranger’s deep blue eyes darting right, then left.
24(sound cues) first silence, then the noise of the beanpole kicking
a porch roof stanchion with his boot.
25(close-up) stranger’s face: afternoon, gents.
26(cut to reverse 3-shot) the three men’s faces.
27hatless man: what can we do for you?
28(reverse 4-shot) the backs of the three men, the face of the 
29the hunter: kind of  hot, ain’t it?
30(sound cue) violin & accordion duet.
31(hold the 4-shot) Voice-over, fat man: yeah, hotter than
a red mule’s fart.
32(cut to close-up) the stranger: any of you citizens happen to
know if the old Buck place is still deserted?

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over on dVerse Poets OLN113

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Brian Miller said...

oo nice tension in this leading up to the dialogue which leaves us rather intrigued with what he wants with that old chapter g...

Mary said...

You really set the stage well in this piece, Glenn. Love all the musical accompaniment & the sound of the buffalo hooves! The ending leaves the reader in suspense, wanting more.

Björn said...

Love that terse dialogue... some threat in the air, and the bravado of the fat man trying to be funny... all great.

Claudia said...

and again...i love how you weave in the music...very nice...violin and accordion duet...NICE....

Anonymous said...

What can I say about your shooting scripts I haven't already. Really works of art on many levels Gleen. >KB

Alex Dissing said...

I would love to see, hear, & feel one of your scripts in movie-form! You have a gift, Glenn.

Amber Glows of a Slow Burn said...

Next scene, please!!! Love this.

Anna Chamberlain said...

Could see and hear it all, it made me miss my Dad a bit, a huge Western fan.

Laurie Kolp said...

I'm loving this, Glenn!

mrs mediocrity said...

Love following this story along... you are making me want to see the movie! :)

Grace said...

Well I didn't expect that ending, smiles ~ Good suspenseful moment there ~

Ken Higginson said...

Great looking site. The visuals are perfect and the writing is unique and well thought out. I love how you include the whole shebang - (music etc.)

kaykuala said...

All set, Glenn! The music's on, violin and accordion! My, the settings all in line! Great shot! Am feeling I'm there together! Nicely!


Mystic_Mom said...

More! More! More! The crowd (me!)calls for more.