Thursday, October 31, 2013

Les Fauves

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Les Fauves

“Poetry is man’s rebellion against
being what he is.”--James Branch Cabell


Poetry is chameleon.
It can survive even the most
absurd of parameters by
blossoming in concrete,
or being written without the letter “E”,
soaring in a vacuum, being thrust
from inner to outer space, blasting
free, racing unharnessed, mixing meter,
metaphor, moments, & machinations,
only stopping as stanzas
to gasp for more breath.


the amazon-green blades of grass
nearly concealed the treasure
of those aero petals, the amaranth hearts,
the lurid amethyst stamen with their fetching
fuchsia spots and bright apricot stems,
sporting stripes of arylide alternating with ash,
as squads of insects paraded over them waving
their Bangladesh-green & barn-red banners.




The Jersey Jambon could not get his metamorsel
to unsnap, so he had to use his flangial 
shoe-spoon as a limp lever, pressing hard
until it twanged & thwacked his pelvic forethumb
ten times ten, finally forcing him to unbuckle
the headband off his left ankle, and tie it
to his third tongue. 


Finally is stood finished, sparkling
with fresh red paint in the middle
of his father’s garage, with its
air mattress wings, using coat-hanger
struts to hold them up, attached
with red & green duct tape to its
soap box derby fuselage, 

TITAN ONE proudly stenciled
on both sides of its plywood pallet tail,
its propeller made from yellow spliced
canoe oars, handleless frying pans
mounted between broomsticks
for front wheels, skateboards for
rear wheels, a blue plastic beach chair
in the cockpit, red scarves for seat belts,
three golf clubs for stick controls,
with hand-painted instruments on
a styrofoam dashboard, and a Saran-
Wrap windshield stretched over rulers.

He & his pals pushed the plane
outside for its test flight. The sky
was electric blue & the white cliffs
awaited, but oddly, nobody
wanted to play pilot. 

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over on dVerse Poets MTB

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vb holmes said...

Ambitious undertaking, tackling multi forms. As always, more meaningful when heard in your voice.

Claudia said...

oh i like that quote... and maybe i understand a bit better why i really write now...smiles... and wow... all the different takes and voices... i had no time yet to look them all up.. know fauvism from the painting movement though...

Brian Miller said...

haha catholic backsides eh?> smiles...ambitious taking on each of these....def each a different flavor...its somewhat hard and rebellious to go against our desire to make it really pretty...there is only so much you can do with some of it...even in its absurdity some of it is mind blowing...smiles..

howanxious said...

Some really interesting imagery there. I loved the alliterations that come naturally to your words.

Different forms, and each one of them makes a really enjoyable read.


annotating60 said...

Glenn, I should have read your primer on the prompts before hand. Wonderful jaunt in kakhis. >KB

Susan Daniels said...

Wonderful! said...

You didn't shy away from this one! I salute you!

Heaven said...

You did all of them Glenn ~ Wow, I only managed one, smiles ~

Thanks for the power tweeting ~

Happy Halloween ~ said...

Glenn: Cool!

Beachanny said...

Wow! enormously ambitious set - fabulously executed. Definitely needed your examples for the different parts - still I felt we were on parallel time streams there at the first. Enjoyed this very much!

Nico said...

Anna asked for wild, and you delivered! If anyone ever asks me about any of these forms, I'll let them read Anna'a article then point them here for examples. Excellent!

billgncs said...

way cool - the words and syllables flow - a bit of a primal feel to it.

Mystic_Mom said...

Forgive me but as soon as I read Jambon I started thinking about piggies (and you meant us to on some level - hamming it up?) , and the wild inventions of the game Bad Pigges which my son adores - and it all sort of made sense then. LOVE THIS!

Anna Chamberlain said...

Oooo - this rock and rolls, shifts and hops, hits all the high notes and roars with a pumping bass line. Excellent, you wild thing :)!

adamsmurphy said...

Dynamism here.... Vast and brilliant Ability!