Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blackthorne--Scene Eighteen

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Cinemagenic Eighteen


“Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice--
and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no
virtue.”--Barry Goldwater.

1(sound cue) guitar joined by a banjo.
2(cut to medium wide shot--angle on) Saloon upstairs hallway.
3(two-shot, angle on) Buck as he rushes past Millie back
into her room.
4(medium close up) Buck picking up his gun belt, & buckling it on
over his underwear; Thunderer on his right, sawed-off on his left. 
5(sound cue) Middle Eastern tongue chant over a base drum beat.
6(two-shot) Buck pushing past Millie, moving back into the hallway.
7(medium close-up) Millie standing mute, holding a damp sheet
up to cover her nakedness.
8(cut to a crane shot) Buck rushing down the wide staircase,
barefoot & bellicose.
9(sound cue) saxophone & harmonica duo.
10( camera reversing, pulling back) from Buck as he rushes
toward it.
11(close-up, angle on) his bare feet as he hits the floor.
12(angle on the nearest table top)
--as it is overturned,
--glasses of beer spilling,
--playing cards taking flight,
--customers scrambling out the way.
13(sound cues) glass breaking, angry men swearing, &
furniture banging together.
14(medium shot, angle on) Buck sweeping a chair out of the way.
15( hold on shot, angle on) Buck’s back--him almost at the front
door, customers on their feet--no one attempting to stop him.
16(sound cues) harmonica huffing over snare drum beats.
17(cut to exterior of the Saloon, angle on) the swinging doors
as Buck charges through them.
17(camera reverse tracks) as Buck reaches the street,
a gun in each hand. 
18(medium close-up) Buck quickly looks both directions.
19 (several jump shot inserts):
--a mother hugging her daughter close to her skirts,
--a small boy in a big hat staring wide-eyed,
--the storekeeper, standing in front of his store, hands
on his hips,
--a wagon stopping in the street, the driver pulling up
hard on the reins,
--two old men leaning forward on their twisted canes.
20(sound cue) blues guitar chords.
21(cut to angle on the adjacent alley) dust rising up, with
Buck’s black dog running in excited circles at the head of it.
22(angle on Buck) as he appears at the top of the alley.
23(close-up) Buck: shit!
24(medium close-up) a pile of broken glass and window
frame splinters.
25(camera pulls back) to reveal an empty alley.
26(sound cue) clarinet, low notes.
27(angle on) Buck’s back, as he turns around, holstering
his firearms.
28(cut to medium wide shot) Buck half-naked in the dusty
29(sound cue) crowd noise, a dog barking.
30(hold the shot) as clumps of bystanders move in closer
to him.
31(angle on) Buck, standing calmly, his arms folded on his
massive chest.
32(close-up) Buck: anyone see where that son of a bitch
made off to?
33( medium close-ups) crowd faces:
--turning their gaze away,
--pulling their hats down,
--becoming silent.
34(angle on) Buck; well, there it is.
35(camera tracks left) following Buck as he padded barefoot
back up the Saloon steps, & re-enters THE CHINA DOLL.
36(angle on) the swinging doors, creaking as they stopped
37(sound cue) player piano plinking out a roller tune. 

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over on dVerse Poets OLN128

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Brian Miller said...

ha. i like his almost cavalier confidence...gunbelt and underwear...lol...and not even phasing him...easy to follow visually...and of course no one answered...lol...

Mary said...

Buck continues to show that he is a man to be reckoned with! A John Wayne kind of guy!

Claudia said...

that goldwater quote..yep... i agree.. and i agree with mary..a john wayne kinda guy...

Glenn Buttkus said...

I wrote Buck more as an anti-hero, big as Clint Walker, & as conflicted as Hugh Jackman; but he was/is formidable, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Glenn, I'm sorry, but I am not well today and will save this on my PC and come back to it. Though I'm sure it is as wonderful as your others. >KB

Joseph Hesch said...

Love the scene, Glenn. I LOL'd at your Clint Walker comment. Old "Cheyenne" is probably a little too historic for our younger readers.

Was researching the Cheyenne for a story last week and saw the IMDb for "Cheyenne" and it brought back such childhood memories!

Here's a kicker: "In the 15 shows which constituted the first season of "Cheyenne," Walker appeared bare-chested in only 6 of them."
LOL, Keep up your terrific work here, my friend! :)

Kate Mia said...

Well..i enjoyed the quote so much..i found it hard to leave for the play....

I do love that quote...

Björn said...

I can see him running through the saloon in his underwear... a great image... I guess the little weasel escaping is planning a cowardly revenge...

Ronald Shields said...

Buck is my kind of man...underwear and guns.

Linda Rogers said...

I like the ambiance in this piece and felt like I was back there.

billgncs said...

hope he didn't have to jump out of bed too soon.... must been a bad hombre he was after.

I suppose running out with you and your weapon barely covered may make it spicier on the return.

Marina Sofia said...

I feel sorry for poor Millie - this guy is too wrapped up in his own courage and show-off-edness. Very vivid scene.