Monday, January 27, 2014

Blackthorne--Scene Twenty

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Cinemagenic Twenty


“Legitimate use of violence can only be that which
is required in self-defense.”--Ron Paul

1(sound cue) a woman’s scream.
2(medium close up) Millie, with one hand covering her mouth,
her eyes huge.
3(close-up) the double-barreled shotgun thudding to the floor.
4(close-up) Colt .41 Thunderer poised in whitish-blue gunsmoke.
5(medium close-up) the red floral print wallpaper on the stairwell
peppered deep with buckshot.
6(angle on the guard) holding his gunshot right hand with his left.
7(angle on blond whore) lying flat against the stairwell wall,
out cold.
8(sound cue) electric guitar pounding chords.
9(two-shot) Buck lunges toward the guard above him,
punching him hard in the face.
10(sound cue) fist colliding with a chin.
11(medium shot) guard with his back to the camera,
dropping to one knee, with Buck hovering over him.
12(close-up) Buck’s bare foot brushing the shotgun
out of reach.
13(medium close-up) Buck’s face, calm, stoic.
14(tight two-shot) over Buck’s muscular shoulder,
angle on the guard’s face; grunting through gritted
teeth, blood flowing thickly from his mouth.
--guard: better finish it, Buff--you’re a dead man already;
you damn sure dropped your big ass into a hornet’s nest.
15(close-up) Buck: Do tell, well OK, let’s blunt your stinger.
16(sound cue) saxophone high notes overlapping the
bearded guards roaring.
17(medium two-shot) guard rises up & leaps at Buck.
18(angle on Buck’s back) as he slammed the Colt barrel
down onto the guard’s head, forcing the brute to his knees,
stunned but not out, his head bleeding, dazed, his chin
on his chest, both fists clenched.
19(two shot, angle on the guard’s back) Buck holsters
the Colt, and goes to work with his fists.
20(sound cue) clarinet, reedy low notes; loud fist blows.
21(medium close-up) Buck connects with a right uppercut,
lifting the guard up & over onto his back.
22(medium close-up) the shotgun is on the floor near to the
guard--he reaches for it.
23(two-shot) Buck squats on the guard’s chest, pinning him
to the floor.
24(close-up) Buck’s POV as he strikes the bully guard three
times in the face.
25(sound cue) cartilage & bone breaking.
26(close-up) Buck’s eyes, now angry.
27(sound cue) base drum beats over harmonica riffs.
28(two-shot) Buck grabs a fistful of the guard’s longish hair,
& hoists him up to partially erect.
29(close-up) Buck delivers a short jab to the man’s windpipe.
30(sound cue) an Adam’s Apple re-forming as broken meat.
31(two-shot) Buck whirls around, drawing both of his side arms,
facing the noisy crowd below him--the guard lies in a crumpled
heap behind him.
32(medium wide-shot) Twenty men at the foot of the stairs.
33(sound cue) blues slide guitar.
34(close-up) Buck: so what’s the play, gents?
35(medium close-up) a younger guard in the front of the crowd,
holding a pump shotgun.
36(close-up) young guard’s face, fearful, confused.
37(medium wide shot) he puts the shotgun against his shoulder,
waving no contest with the free hand.
--nobody’s pulling on you, stranger.
--don’t shoot no more, pard. 
--calm down, mister.
--expect a visit from Bronson real soon. 
38(medium close-up) Buck holsters his weapons.
39(sound cue) snare drum raps over harmonica riffs.
40(medium wide shot) Buck turns his naked back to the crowd,
and quickly climbs the rest of the stairs.
--Millie follows him as he passes her.
41(sound cue) Indian snake rattle. 

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over on dVerse Poets OLN130

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Mary said...

Again enjoyed the sound cues -- the saxaphone at the right moment, the slide guitar, etc. I do wonder if Buck will tire of the violent life before he is overcome by his own 'medicine.'

Claudia said...

i like that you wove in a clarinet this much more subtle than the sax...and oh so much fighting..woman that i am thought: oh my...that ref floral print wallpaper... i like that you think of the details that make the scenes come alive

Joan Barrett Roberts said...

Love your voice! Powerful and moving -- Glen you weave a great story full of description and sounds! thank you - joanie

Gabriella said...

What a fight, Glenn! I can hear the music in the background.

Kate Mia said...

This brings images of Charles Bronson..and i cannot help but to wish..i saw a shoot out..between him and Chuck Norris..i wonder who would
catch the speeding bullet...:)

Björn said...

That was a lot of blood in this Glenn.. really.. Loved it.. Buck seems that he can manage it all.

Anonymous said...

never pays to be a guard. Hard to catch a break.

Anthony Desmond said...

damn dude... I appreciate your bold sense of storytelling... felt like I just read an old-western movie script. brilliant

Todd Alan Kraft said...

...(sound cue) clarinet, reedy low notes; loud fist blows.
25(sound cue) cartilage & bone breaking.
27(sound cue) base drum beats over harmonica riffs.

What a sound track. Always fun to see what you've come up with. Thanks.

Grace said...

The guy sure has guts & nerves of steel ~ Appreciate the scenery & music ~ Enjoyed this one Glenn ~

Brian Miller said...

its funny, i was first to leave you a comment yesterday...and when i hit the publish button is when my computer

full of action man...i am particularly looking forward to the showdown with branson...and i wonder if he is not orchestrating it to move to that point....

Joseph Hesch said...

Sorry I couldn't come by sooner, Glenn. Laid low by flu. The stage/shot directions and music cues are always a treat for me to read. There I can see some of the poetic language. Keep it rocking!!