Friday, March 14, 2014

Otto Wolfgang Maximus

image borrowed from bing

Otto Wolfgang Maximus

“Man is a dog’s idea of what God
should be.”--Holbrook Jackson.

A couple
in California

their 13 year old
tied to a post
a pet shelter.

“He needs care.
We are seniors,
sick & broke;
have no choice--
please put him
to sleep.”

Leave No Paws Behind
stepped in,
provided Vet-aid,
then re-united
with his

a happy ending,
for once. 

Glenn Buttkus

Would you like to hear the author read this Flash 55 to you?


G-Man said...

Yeah GB, I read that story.
And you were right, a happy ending for once.
Loved your upbeat 55
Thanks for playing today Brother, we needed a little shot of optimism. Have a Kick Ass Week End

Anonymous said...

indeed, a good story. I like how they're even taking over the cost of food and vet bills for the couple, dubbing them 'long term foster parents'. ~

Björn said...

What a story of sunshine.. I can just imagine the pain in leaving the dog... and the joy getting him back... for many retired an old like dog that sometimes will follow them to their grave.

Mama Zen said...

What a wonderful story!

Mary said...

Glenn, what a wonderful story. Makes me feel good this Saturday morning. Nice that there are such angels out there that care about things like elderly people and their dogs!

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