Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Under The Macroscope

image by buttkus

Under The Macroscope

“As of now, string theorists have no explanation of why there are three
large dimensions as well as time, & the other dimensions are microscopic.”
--Edward Witton.

tells kids
to play harder,

but midday
in city parks,
the monkey rings
hang empty,
the slides are barren,
& the swings
are idle.


image by buttkus

In Winter
when rust barnacles
cling to
its ribs,
& fir needles
its grooves,

a park barbecue
can recall
the pungent
meat odors
of Fall.


image by buttkus

The lovely
deep red hues
of my wife’s
favorite watering can

still shines
while a dusting
of snow
its flowered
metal base.


image by buttkus

I can remember
a time
when all cars

had hood ornament
art on them;

chromed rockets,
fair maidens,
& archers. 


image by buttkus

a stately
        still dripping
        with sap,
                  can succumb
                  to the overtures
of death,
                  needles turning
sickly brown
                  when holidays
are over. 

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over on dVerse Poets MTB

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Mary said...

You have quite a collection here, Glenn.

As far as parks go here, oftentimes earlier in the morning....and later in the afternoon...bring more children to parks. When the sun is directly overhead in summer, playgrounds WILL be more empty.

Ah, and I am sure those park barbecues are counting the days now. At least here the snow beneath them is now ALMOST melted.

Interesting about the hood ornaments. Come to think of it, I haven't seen any in a while.

Claudia said...

smiles... ilove swings...and whenever i see one i have to get on it...love that water can..the flowerd metal base...nice

Brian Miller said...

empty parks is like the saddest thing in the world...its sad so many kids stay indoors and play on the computer/game system...they are missing out....ha...nice justaposition of the water can to the snow...oy i am so ready for spring.....

Heaven said...

I was wondering how you are going to write to the challenge, smiles ~

Really well done Glenn ~ My favorites are the watering can and the last one, the evergreen ~

Anonymous said...

I see you were on a roll Glenn. ??Very good. >KB

Linda Manning said...

Love this batch of micros, Glenn. All of them are wonderful.

I, too, miss those old hood ornaments. My last one was a Chrysler five-faceted "crystal"!

Hey, I love the contrast of the red watering can and the snow.

Also, I say, let the kids play outside in fresh air and sunshine!

Anthony Desmond said...

Glenn, I adore what you did here... each micro poem is different, yet, they all felt connected... and great reading (as always).

Beachanny said...

Great collection of multimedia poetry. Each picture and its accompanying text so vivid. Love the large ideas you bring to the micro/macros specific. I miss hood ornaments too! G.

ayala said...

Lovely collection!

Wolfsrosebud said...

You're funny... multiple writes... the first one spoke loudly... those parks are empty for more than one reason... nice capture

Gabriella said...

I enjoyed all your poems, Glenn! I wonder whether, in the end, Michelle's words will have a real impact on children's. I also enjoyed your rust photo and the mention of barbecue made my mouth water.

Mystic_Mom said...

You embraced this fully, and came out with some amazing photos and poetry! Well done, thanks for jumping in with both feet!

Anonymous said...

I like all of them, and the photos as well, but the one that I like the most is the poem from the perspective of the park barbecue. I could see, and smell that one. The hood ornament poem has a nice depth to it, and how little details like hood ornaments were noticed and appreciated.

mrs mediocrity said...

These are all great! I am partial to the watering can, being an avid gardener myself. Lovely photos, too!

Björn said...

The collection of little scenes are wonderful - and I remember that watercan... I think you have written about it before,

Victoria said...

Wonderful collection of both photos and poetry. Can't say which I like the best but the hood ornaments did spark memories!

wielenga said...

Simply awesome vignettes, Glenn...especially like the watering can and hood ornament!

lucychili said...

great twists, trees and holidays, swings and stillness,

Anonymous said...

strong Glenn -- sometimes when we are limited to the fewest words our images are strongest

Marina Sofia said...

Wow, there's no stopping you - this poetic form and the pictures seem made for you! Very haiku-like, most of them, the transience of life and the seasons...

vivinfrance said...

How generous you are with your micro/macro offerings. Each one gives us food for thought. Thank you.

kkkkaty said...

...I thought this would be a bit shorter ;)...love your wife's watering can and how you gave the photos full vivid life..