Friday, March 7, 2014

Rocket Cats

image borrowed from goggle

Rocket Cats

“Draft beer, not animals.”--Bob Dylan.

a 16th century
military manual
was unearthed

that contained
illustrations of
weaponized cats
& birds, wearing


No, not another
De Vinci demon,
just a proposal
to strap on
explosive satchels,
light the fuses
and send the 
animals toward
besieged castles.

Last century
we used dolphins
for this duty. 

Glenn Buttkus

Would you like to hear the author read this 55 to you?


Joseph Hesch said...

Good 55, Glenn. I recall hearing "rumors" of using Kamikaze dolphins, but never wanted to believe it.

How in the world did those old military geniuses think they were going to convince a cat to do something that the cat had no interes in? Thanks for the Flash 55 blurb!

Brian Miller said...

because we value life so much.


it keeps us from having to do our own dirty work.

i tried to keep it to 55
but my update on dad ran just a bit over today. smiles.

G-Man said...

As a History Channel buff I found this very amusing.
Reminds me of Dr. Evil...
"I want a Laser wearing Dolphin Dammit, is that too much to frickin ask?"
Loved your Old Timey 55
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Björn said...

I really don't want to believe this.. the rumour that the Swedish cavalry did experiments with having mooses instead of horses is apparently a myth..

Anonymous said...

I read an account of this Glenn, that speculated that after one or two of the cats retreated home with ordnance, thereby going kablooey on home turf, the harebrained idea (sorry - had to) was abandoned. ~

kaykuala said...

Heard about the age-old message carrying pigeons but explosive strapped animals? No! by chance they can boomerang with an about turn! That's true! Wonderful 55 Glenn!


Ming Seiko said...

The more things change, the more they stay the same. It would seem that humans always remain stupid and destructive.
Very cool poem about a rather distressing subject.